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Welcome to my blog!

Thank you, I intended to visit this page on purpose… said nobody ever.

Here’s a bit about myselfClick here to view my newest posts.

Philosophy is one of my primary interests and what I blog most about since I spend the majority of my time thinking about the “big questions”, my philosophy is practical and I use it to guide my stance on different issues, so even posts not directly philosophical (eg. political etc) are still philosophical.

click here to view a list of my philosophy posts.

I do a lot of creative writing including poetry

(which includes rap and other forms of rhyming words), and sometimes fiction.

lIce’s Shipyard is my exhibition of 3D stuff I try to make, as well as other hypothetical vehicle designs.

I also make a bit of music which you may or may not want to obtain.

And I’ve also written a few tutorials on video encoding.

Who knows, you might find some goodies in the Downloads page.

Currently I have a lot of time on my hands, so I generally make a post every other day, mostly something related to religion although I do dabble in other subjects. I’d appreciate some discussion, although subscribing to my blog works too


Unless specified, all original content on is original content. While I will try not to be a dick about it, if you duplicate any of my articles or original content without my express written permission, I will be very angry. And I will write you a letter telling you how angry I am. And I will exercise every caution not to step on that trap floor leading to your shark tank.

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  1. Thank you!!!! for the post on YIFY I am (at 53 yrs old) just now exploring the world of video.I ran out of steam with music,after downloading approx. 10,000 albums worth of music!It was well written,understandable,and humorous at times.I’ll probably read dozens of times before I actually absorb it but thanks again for writing it! Regards Tim

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