Post 1: Introduction

My name is Eric Yan, or as no one affectionately calls me, Ericolon. Actually, some people refer to me as Yan D. I think of myself as a writer, although anyone can write, I can write too, and I’ve written, and that makes me a writer. I’ve started a blog, and will try to update this blog as frequently as possible with random stuff as well as not-so-random stuff. A following post will be posted shortly posting a draft of chapter one of a novel I’m working on, called

The Anusphorhedmasivecanine Campaign: 8265th Division Airborne Infantry


It is about spaceships and dogs and the anus, which I think is pretty cool. Don’t get grossed out yet; it is a comedic piece of writing.

Of course, you know not of what’s inside now and might be skeptical, but you will know later when I post it, so if you’re open minded about young writers starting out, follow my ass on the top left corner of the webpage and stay tuned.


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