Post 3: Birthday Thoughts

16 is supposed to be a big age. From legally driving in many countries to the ability to apply for different jobs, supposedly whole new windows are opened by turning 16. Yet my life is not going to change dramatically. No driver’s license, no sex, no job, no nuttin’. I wonder- did I let this moment pass too quickly? I hadn’t been fully prepared for it’s arrival (such as not living in america), and now I’ll have to wait till I’m nearly 18 to get my driver’s license like any other lame schmuck in the world… Oh, if I had planned on my birthday… 

Actually, forget completely about sex. Sex is about the chick turning 18/17/16/14, not the dude. If I were attractive enough, I would’a have gotten myself laid wayyyy before this, and so I feel pathetic. What now? Do I drop out of school, get a job and pursue a lifetime of trying-to-hit-the-jackpot writing? Or do I get myself diagnosed with ADD so that I can get those Ritalin pills that might help me with my studies (and kill this blog, and my creative side)? 

Or do I find a marijuana dealer and waste my meager savings on crappy dope and protest for peace in every single protest offered by Hong Kong? 

I hadn’t really thought of that until now, and that’s how fucked up I am. I wish I was in America… at least that way, it’d be another good 6 hours before I become legally 16.


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