Thoughts on the election

“Obama won, Obama won!” My classmates exclaimed, relieved there won’t be a Sino-american war.

Because Mitt Romney hates China?

Okay I’m making no sense, but whatever.

I just sat aside, pondering the question: How did Obama win? Obama is a dirty homosexual-supporting muhammad derka derka derka terrorist black african american democrat who is negro, who failed everything ( and by that I mean some things) he promised last election, who not only pissed off many americans, but also angered the klan! So… How did Obama win? Can’t be because he’s popular and good looking and not a mormon cunt, right?

Then I realized: Obama didn’t win; (that’s right, you guessed it) Romney LOST. Romney was destined to lose since the beginning- he was Mormon, he was white, he was rich, he was anti-China, he was a republican, his hair was film-stereotypically evil, moderate mitt sounded like a glove that barely kept you warm!  Obama, on the hand, had a powerful sounding name. Would you rather vote for a mitt, or vote for barracks that can shoot at Osama Bin Laden and still look like a black person? I think we all know the answer to that one, heh.

Abortions. The abnormally high quantity of openly slutty chicks in America are stunning. And it just so happens that a hundred million of them have a right to vote.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that… white people don’t own America anymore. And by that I mean that white people still act like they own america even though their debts are through the roof


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