Hands-on with Dragon Naturally Speaking 12

Today I got a little taste of speech to text technology, where a speaker on speeech to text technology/ presenter person let me try out its Dragon Naturally Speaking 12’s various functions. After half an hour of fucking around with the software, He was very generous to let me keep the resulting text file, contents as follows:


Today is a sad day for me to try and use what I have been using since the start of time. I hope that one day I can get piece says without playing with those months and carrots I hope that one day I can get $200,000 in cash from each SBC bank. One day the world will change and no more keyboards will exist which is funny because there is no way keyboards will be eliminated just like there is no way pencils will be eliminated just like is a real word I said should article I eat a pizza. This software is pretty good actually but I don’t think I can really afford it I think their site 82 more hamburgers and a happy meal I would get more used to what am but enough about me let’s talk about you the blues make me sick about Jews and clues about stuff that things make me choose between airplanes and here spray and microphones on airwaves that don’t make sense listed debts enhance by the fact that your backed hassle hassle as whole ass home but home hassle shipped shipped full shipped recognize swearwords talking talk talk that you see Kay S you dumb bitch that got correct multiple mother talk dingle berry and I got that right great I think that’s if I retire you will you feel3undo/all 1234 and is what is meant by the term tertiary sector the provision of services which helps to support the other two sectors of the economy. The tertiary sector includes provisional services, administration, transport and distribution. Examiners comment boldly examine this comment candidates understood what was meant by tertiary sector but in many cases were not expressed well or applied the case study to.

Outline three advantages of becoming a private limited company in

Advantages IS taken by the company are actions of the company rather than actions of the individual will owners i.e. it has a separate legal entity

Limited liability

Novelty Corporation tax on profits

Shares are transferable in accordance with articles

Perpetual succession company not affected by death or retirement of member

Economies of scale

Easier to raise capital that sold for your partnership

Award one marked for each advantage outlined up to a maximum of three marks

Examiners comment several candidates compute a private limited company with HPLC others said that the business was already private limited company and chose to look at the advantages upcoming PLC marries the answer something wanted to correct responses unfold unfold involve the five chicken 88 saucer and cases cited in Boston the falsetto chested boxer so they had to go and uses farther at spoiler that made people realize that foreigners are not meant to be taken seriously and ridiculously deliriously there was this man who got it back hand and shoots chink maker maker maker okay unfold okay okay two okay three fold to focus okay

.. Also……

At these numbers is a big exhibit featuring his income by

These you undo that delete XYZ “the focus to another window by list all Windows and when it is not all open windows pop up and sing choose three given the number of the window as it appears in the list the repetitive the

Unfold okay

Wherever said I was limited use this I thought I was going to use his/her productivity but somehow the software just isn’t working out for me not like she did get to be sliced and diced large stake in pork chops that states that their sort of like the same thing because they’re all from farms which I think are great use farms are this nation’s backbone dislike carrots are it is this nation’s backbone and the pizza that we use in trades are this BC’s backbone but there are no pizzas on planes which means that this nation has no backbone because how can this nation have backbone it is a major it’s not a person it has scales S airport that fishes but it doesn’t affect those at all side side by side to what she said

Document one of Microsoft Word file old insert page layout references mailings rebuke you with a defined reader 11

Coffee corner

From a hill in the city

come to school with the party

N a copy

which and take all your money

the place that can make it

the second makes you

a cupcake and soda

that cost you $20

when Isaac copy: I need copy the match the end of humanity within supervisor T and you can believe is a rip off all your money and was DOB drinking water addicted beans from copy machines need then important for the needs that can love Debbie and operates at minimal speed is built the Greek spills but it doesn’t level clean just let’s is sent into the people of the mahogany and you know I mean that bodies don’t and much they don’t get paid a lot I thought they said that they were experiences in the pilot love them in pieces that route of their labor I see they don’t even do this in this the race for and against the coffee corner is a blaze of these warranties once overcome years later when he realized how ridiculous the bust this could be made up to get me a cup and a credit card out the math is soft

A small place with a modern you see a red carpet dissolved the schools mostly cool what got me so damn expensive to affect Starbucks for quality worse than Starbucks I think it sucks this is all for fun but pricing senses being tax and each minimum and insurance premium under the moonlight of the sent you see his true colors snowed soda man by a committee folder for profit and the comment comes up from the north of courses for profit is trying to expand in such somewhat more can be said about the corner is a gift is friendly if the simplest kiddies beneficially the obviously don’t want to get risky and frisk me the lease and security consultant bringing a using every time I go there in cases of opposing crisis and charge me service there up overhead in public Glare ain’t nobody gonna get away with her also with the


Of course I think the idea of the coffee shop to city when the school can getting normal supermarket scene when my real They where I money getting treatment idealistic and can get you anywhere honey database facts corner is going to last skip the skills and out of grasp the sum voted for the school government will change everything (succumbing operate like the real world where neighbors rewarded with wheel casting gold Know this cruise business is not the total questions and choose the just wedded by: every next democracy is copy of soup in the things that actually serves decent food of world under me as well as for you this is the message that I prove

When you think diverse and what you think it needs to be think it’ll university things the way I’m going to be a doctor lawyer boxer writer think it’ll get me a job evidence think I can think I can learnsu’s knowledge is making sick baby my future is the focus on limited everyone has the past year I just think got that quality I don’t know about the society of planning that almost everything that we go sing some a row. Going into my current hose that Micco programs: or holds an show on radio but I can’t turn this on at once decided basketball or dancing People but that is not as good as you dump the rest is something I learned in hopes that despite obstacles of concrete only when idea on this when I feel I got the spirit some information of computing with if you could do anything good for those pricks of CDD has found the scope

Hoped horse” and just not well-equipped and may not be topics to new specialist now me to focus if you know what I want to know instead of info info on what is this useful understand I first but it just a price for me

That imagine a computing machine Limited M processor and memory it came with that box of Cheerios re-death think that smoked PCS they understand how man can read about Christian somehow what How did God allow since that’s how he wrote lyrics just by chance I One task without bumping up another house lazy ass can’t do this any longer I did society can’t do both without feeling like a doofus as we asked me that’s why I’m homicidal suicide but what is fatal is the coward and even zapped his landfill here wrapping around and about dealing with the dumb bitch talks about all rounded education and says without all rounded education what is about to fail without divers ones not complete on the

Mike a chewable cup of tea stop with it I can’t do it but whatever it is that I can do it without a loose effort in stuff I like just the illusion of is not a bad thing but my path was sent to sick and I also grip on my crest what they said I could do on them forget my potential diversity had diminish can do what I want to want to but I can’t did what he was really good for anyone read but their crappy vocals and want to write but I can’t think outside the box on the body and not the milling off off turnoff turnoff Dragon


… so as you can see, speech to text technology is not fully matured yet. And aren’t you pissed when finding out that you read the entire piece of crap just to come to a simple conclusion like this? Heh.


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