Destiny is meaningless

I believe in destiny. I believe that fate has been decided since the beginning of time.

I believe that there is a possibility everything that happens to everyone is just part of a giant and complicated chain-reaction.

When people say that they can change what will happen to them in the future, what they really mean is that they can change what they think will happen to them in the future.

They say no matter what, what’s destined is destined. But that’s incorrect- because there will only be the one thing that happens, and that one thing is what actually happens.

When we are stranded in the middle of a railroad and a train is about to hit us, we think that our fate is to get hit by that train. But when we figure out how to break free and jump out of the train’s way, we like to think we have beaten destiny. Or, we like to think that destiny saved us. What we don’t know is that we were destined to jump out of that train’s way.

We were destined to imagine/discover our dieties, and we were destined to believe/ not believe in them.

Everything that happened in our past were destined to happen, and everything in our future is destined to happen. We’re just here to experience our destiny.

Everything we do is just part of a very complicated chain reaction- from our very creation to our very destruction. You can’t change your future, because while you may be able to predict fairly accurately, you still never know what it is. Destiny is therefore a bit like probability.

Many things in life seem too good, too harsh, too lucky and too special to seem like destiny. But it is.

So unfortunately, to talk or even think about destiny is a meaningless waste of time, and I have just wasted your time, and mine.


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