Homosexuality Bisexuality Transexuality

They say that people who are LGBT didn’t choose to be that way. Today, many people believe that sexuality shouldn’t be about what we are on the outside, but who we are on the inside. But our mind is a complicated thing- who exactly are we- on the inside?

I figure that in the very beginning, everyone was straight in an obligation to reproduce. Our natural instincts called on our sorry asses to get fucking and start pumpin’ out babies, and in order to achieve that, a man had to have sex with a woman. Therefore, our base sexuality is “Straight”.

Now, somewhere along the way, perhaps several birth defects or head injuries occurred and a select few of our brilliantly degenerate society started thinking about homosexuality- what it would be like to get fucked by a member of your own gender. And the idea soon became popular enough to have gained recognition during a period of time where almost anything can be regarded as legit (eg. Scientology), and soon people thought it was okay to become gay. Homosexuality is a man-made attribute, and with the help of mass media, has become a quality everyone acquires later in life when they’ve the concept of sexuality.

But wait- where are the bisexuals coming from?

They say that some straight people are in denial of their gay side, well I say that gay people are in denial of their lets-get-some-goddam-pussy side. Yeah I said it- Gay people are in denial of their natural bonabitch instinct. So if straight people are in denial, and gay people are in denial, then that can only mean one thing: We, as modern human beings, are by default bisexual. We are born straight, and we find the gay thing later in life through mass media.

Bear in mind that while the explanation sounded pretty fuckin gay, I am not a bisexual myself. I am straight, eight” and ready to lay. But that is my choice, and so is it everyone else’s choice. It isn’t a solid thing, because it exists only in the mind, and the mind can be changed. People are gay because of the media, because the idea of gay exists- and with the degenerate popularity of gayness, how can we not be at least a little gay? The mind is not strong, and the media changes us.

Let’s play a little game called “repeat after me”. In the following table, chicks will read the left column, and dudes the right:

chicks dudes

Now, no matter if you were gay or not, at the very moment you read “I AM SUCKING TITS/DICK”, you were actually thinking of yourself sucking a tit or a dick. And even if you haven’t before, you definitely were conjuring up images of a homo-erotic fantasy since you finished the first sentence of this paragraph.

And that is almost exactly how people decide their sexuality- but wait! Did I actually suggest that people pick their sexuality? Course not. What I am suggesting, is that in today’s world, people deny their sexuality. There will always be a few moments in a straight girl’s life when she thinks of kissing her friend who is a girl, especially if that annoying/catchy song keeps fucking with her head- when you over-think something, it changes you. And that’s what justifies our sexual orientation! There are always these thoughts we don’t like floating around our head: suicide, murder, rape, jaywalking and homosexuality… each one a ticking time bomb ready to change who we think we are, because we don’t know who we are- we have a general idea, but anything more specific is made up, such as sexuality. One day you’re getting a blowjob and the next day you’re giving a blowjob.

However, who you feel you are on the inside is no logical basis for changing who you are on the outside- after all, I feel like Elvis, but that doesn’t mean I should go sing, right?

I think that these warped senses of sexuality are generally tolerable considering how it ain’t their fault that they gay- it’s the media’s.

Warning: Slightly offensive content below

However, transsexuals and sex-change people can go to a concentration camp and die.

I support cosmetic enhancements that make people look natural- eg. a girl getting a mole removed, or using product to moisturize the skin. You know, Unnatural variables and irregularities, PROBLEMS that need to be fixed.

However, being a man who wants tits just don’t fit into that category. Girls are already hella hard to figure out, and I don’t wanna spend half my time speculating whether or not my date has a penis where her pussy should be, ok? Trans-sexuality needs to be stopped, because it is in no way natural, it’s a disgrace to the human race and a danger to all men-kind.

And don’t get me started on sex changing- let’s put it this way: In my world, if you find out the chick you bone(d) was a man, you can kill it, chop it up and sneak pieces of it into happy meals and you can still gain access to heaven.


5 thoughts on “Homosexuality Bisexuality Transexuality

  1. “Nope!” to lots of that. “Ehhh…” to some. (I put * to indicate sources listed below)

    Let’s say you’re attracted to this one girl, like, a lot. You got a mad crush on her, boy and you got it bad. You get all squiggly inside when she turns to you and smiles, and then she says “Hey…” all sexy like. She passes by, you continue walking, the sudden thrill keeps building until it finally tops off. By the time you get to class it starts to subside. Your awareness to your environment returns, and all the sudden you realize you’ve been walking down the hall with an embarrassing dripping boner. Pre-cum FTW.

    Those biological responses are not something you choose to do. They happen all on their own, independent of any thought process at all. Homosexuality is quite the same. We don’t make a decision to have those biological responses and feelings about members of our same sex. It just happens. None of it is a matter of conscious thought. For many of us, it happens at a time and place overall when and where it is most definitely NOT socially “okay to be gay.” Exacerbating this internal conflict is the normal hormonal rollercoster of adolescence. The internal conflict and consequent hellish pain it unleashes lends perspective to the statistically overwhelming gay percentage of teen suicides.*

    Those of us who have finally learned how to accept these traits in ourselves can be happy with who we are. Those who don’t are miserable until they do. Sure there are fears to overcome. Fears of rejection, fears of harm, fears of being chopped up and hidden in happy meals by a psychopath (a psychopath would have no trouble acting on it). Only by facing the fears and walking through it have I found my way free of them. Courage is not the ability to suppress fear. Courage is shown by action within the presence of fear.

    But animals don’t have much capacity for choice, and they certainly don’t have this social barrier, nor the fears which social barriers allow to form. So it’s interesting to note that homosexual intimacy and sexual acts have been observed as commonplace in over 1500 species. What’s more, the incidence is comparable to the incidence in human populations in “gay-friendly” (okay to be gay) regions. In some species intimacy and sexual stimulation among members of the same sex is really quite popular. In some cases, it proves beneficial to reproduction, thus continuance of the species. In one series of ongoing studies, for example, well over half of the observed male dolphins form a “pair bond” with another male.* These pair bonds are almost always for life… much longer lasting than the mating bond a male has with several females throughout his life. Only rarely does a pair-bonded male form another pair bond after somehow losing his original pair bond partner. Some never form pair bonds. Some never mate with females. And a few never did either.

    One of the most significantly “masculine” species also predominantly engages in homosex: Male Lions do it in the butt.* In the butt.


    Now just imagine an important friend who you really love. The thought of curling up and snuggling nekkid with him is repelling to you as a straight male, right? And that’s not even sexual. Just very intimate. Gay people feel this repulsion at some level of intimacy – sexual or not – with the opposite sex. It’s just there, it’s not something chosen. For bi folks I’ve spoken with about this, the attraction to both sexes seems to be allowed by a comparative non-existence of that repulsion boundary with regard to other persons of either sex. These are generalizations,

    So then, everyone has their own general boundaries in various places. And we can categorize the placement of those boundaries as straight, gay, bi. But what places them there? Is it biology? Genetics? Is it learned subconsciously? Research suggests both nature and nurture are involved. The debates – and the research – continue. But both agree it’s not a matter of one’s own free-will choice.


    Offensive section? Lets look at “OF-fence” (like in sports) vs “of-FENCE” (like in criminal law) … they have different connotations.

    But I think without realizing it, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I do find it a bit of-FENS-ive as in violating, but also OF-fensive as in an aggressive sports play. Really, the two are closely tied.

    This “offensive section” is an offensive play in reaction to your fears, son! You’re afraid, so you repel that which scares you with aggression.* But those fears are YOUR fears. They don’t belong to anyone else, and they’re not caused by external things. Your fears exist only inside of you, just as my fears exist only within me. We may have fears in common, but still, mine are only mine, and yours are yours alone. And with each of us, our illogical, or irrational, or unfounded fears are given a safe harbor by ignorance (ignoring facts). Not “ign’ance” but the lack of knowing. The not-understood. The unknown. (Of course some people prefer to remain ign’ant, but I digress. Willful ignorance is a whole new rant.)

    Fear.* “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. Hatred leads to suffering.” — Yoda.

    And this is why: “We tend get angry at those who frighten us, and if the threat continues we want to get rid of those who cause it. But that’s not all. Ignorance about the other is required. Some fears are not founded, some threats not real. Almost by definition, bigotry is directed against those we fear but have no substantial reason to fear” **

    There’s a way around this though. When you squarely face and confront a fear head-on, it will vanish. It’s one of those spiritual axioms, that courage is the act of doing within the presence of fear.


    Ericolon: Thanks for your post. It spurred me to set in type some things that have been floating about my head occasionally for quite a long time. I really appreciate it. I’ll have it now in my archives for future reference, and that will be pleasing to me. :o)

    May you be happy.
    May you be safe.
    May you be healthy.
    May you be peaceful.

    – Jamey


    For the Google ones, I challenge you to follow and read through each of the top 3 (or even 5) results it finds. Don’t count Wikipedia if you wish.



    dolphins, lions:

    **direct quote: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/hidden-motives/201009/what-is-bigotry

    • Real quick … I know my response references “choice” and “free will” a lot, but that’s not meant in opposition to the original post. It is meant in opposition to the general consensus for too many people.

      On the contrary, yours is a refreshing new (to me) view compared to the old and weary “homosexuality is a choice” crap.

      And I really rather like your “deny” argument which kinda fits with my “repelling boundaries” line of thought.

      • Good reply James but really, don’t waste time on this ignoramus! Empty vessels make the most noise! He just seems to be another attention seeker publishing ignorant articles. He is entitled to his opinion, leave him to it! Hopefully one day he will realize what gay/bi/trans people go through and how much of a choice it is when it happens to his own son/daughter or someone he really loves!

        • If you’re not an attention seeker, why’d you comment? Hypocrite.
          Nobody- not a single person in the world- has a choice.
          For example I didn’t really want to approve your comment since I find it extremely offensive (towards me), but another part of me just wanted to comment you a fucking hypocritical asshole in public.
          Now I can’t stop myself from saying you’re a fucking asshole, because like gay/bi/trans people can’t choose their sexuality, I don’t really have a choice on my personality. So fuck you, hows that for “ignoramus”?
          Empty vessels make the most noise, especially your sorry ass, what did you just learn about the exclamation mark yesterday? Besides, your assumption that I am “another attention seeker publishing ignorant articles” itself, is ignorant. How much do you really know about me? Nothing. So stop jumping to conclusions you ignorant cunt.
          From what I gather, being gay/bi/trans is just about wanting something, like a person wanting a car, a poor person wanting food, or a unemployed person wanting a job. In this case, it’s about dudes wanting to suck dick, chicks wanting to scissor and persons wanting both male and female genitalia.
          I classify gayness as a First World Problem, and to the ignent like you who are unfamiliar with how less-rich people do things, here we go: If you want something, work towards it. Expect others to be apathetic towards your cause if they don’t share the values you do.
          For example, I wanted a fast gaming computer. In fact, I was addicted to just staring at catalogues for high end gaming hardware. Unfortunately my parents (who I can assure you love me very much) don’t share my love for wanting a fast gaming computer. So what did I do? I sacrificed my entire summer vacation to work labor 9 to 5, 5 days a week at around $3.5 an hour, and finally I earned enough to buy a laptop capable of playing sleeping dogs at 25fps. Wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but it came close.
          So if I had a son/daughter, and he/she really wanted to be gay, then I would tell them this: “If gayness really means that much to you, then sacrifice your life here and move to San Fransisco.”
          Seriously if these bitchy gay people aren’t prepared to make sacrifices for their sexuality then they probably do deserve the pain they suffer from being rejects in certain societies.
          So no “Kronos”, you are wrong, fuck you, you’re the ignorant cunt.

    • look at you, quoting from movie characters 😄
      I would like to start off by saying that I don’t live in San Francisco. Therefore I am actually not that familiar with this unconventional sexuality thing and everything I write is based on (mostly American) entertainment and stuff people make available on the internet. So everything I write can and most likely will be challenged by people like you who have the time to comment on crappy blogs like mine.
      For the gay teen suicide thing… all I can say is that people have to learn what they want, because a lot of things in life require you to make choices. If they needed to decide between being gay or being socially acceptable (and subsequently avoid internal conflicts), all they really had to do was to do some pro and con lists and see if one outweights the other. Or if they decided that both social acceptance and being gay are both super-important aspects of their life, then they could always give up on other aspects of their life and move to san fransisco.
      The ability to suppress biological urges is part of what makes us human, and if you choose to be in any society then you have to- to some degree, suppress biological urges.
      Social morals… I believe that society has to have a set of morals, even if some of them make no scientific sense whatsoever (eg. the prejudice towards animal torturing) because until scientists derive a perfect set of morals that make 99% sense and build skynet superobots to enforce them so that corrupt people with inferior characteristics such as emotion don’t have to, abiding by a set of morals is the next best option to ensure stability amongst society, so if the worst casualties are dumb teenagers who can’t learn to accept who they are and therefore kill themselves due to internal conflict, so be it.

      But I would like to (based on not scientific evidence) point out that when some male animals begin molesting others in the anus, they could be actually using them as females, like as in prison rape where the next best thing next to a woman is a man. After all you can’t be too picky about what toilets are available if you absolutely have to take a dump.

      What is free will? This might seem off topic but apparently god gave people free will to decide for themselves whether they wanted satan’s path or the jesus path. But we don’t *really* have free will, everything we do is environment driven. For example, we don’t vote presidents out of “free will”, we vote presidents because of what they say, what they do, and even to a certain extent what their race, gender and ethnicity is (though most “all-tolerant” people wont admit to doing that), we may even decide not to press charges against a light crime because the weather is nice. Everything we do is externally influenced. Even things that seem rebellious or out of free will (eg resisting interrogation or making free speech) are only so because we were under the influence of a very strong moral argument we accepted because of a certain way we were raised, and things we’ve seen. Just think back on YOUR life. what have you done in the entirety of your life that could possibly be called “out of free will”?
      I guarantee you nothing. We do things out of will, but not free will.

      As for the offensive section thing, yes, it is just part of my own opinion. And yes we all are to some degree ignent, because we want to side with something, and we want to be part of something. But to be part of anything means that you have to overlook the dumb stuff they do. That’s why people identify themselves as “athiests”. That’s why people identify themselves as “christians”. that’s why tweenage girls like Justin Bieber, and that’s why the internet hates Justin Bieber. And that’s also why the internet like Ron Paul, why some people think the age of consent should be lowered to 12, all this is due to the ignence people practice in identifying themselves with a particular set of people. And that’s why some people (like me) are reluctant to face these fears. because once we face these fears, we know more of the truth, and we might realise how stupid we’ve been, and we loose our connection with a particular society. We are social animals, and we don’t like losing touch with a society.

      I hate snakes, I hate transvestites, I hate stupid Hongkongers who hate Chinese mainlanders, and while being the fairly open-minded person I like to think I am, some of my hatred will never change.

      P.S. While I don’t hate gays, I still blame them for what they’ve done to computers, making them all laggy and buggy and crashy and shit just so the interface could look nice.

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