Conneticut shootings

As George Carlin Once said, “Here’s another example of overprotection. You ever notice on the TV-news every time some guy with an AK47 strolls on to a school yard and kills three or four kids and a couple of teachers, the next day… the next day the school in overrun with counsellors, and psychiatrics, and grief counsellors, and trauma therapists trying to help the child cope. Shit, when I was in school, someone came to our school and killed three or four of us; we went right on with our arithmetic: “35 classmates minus 4… equals 31”. We were tough.”

Children today need to be tough, because there’s some real fucked up shit going on right now. All kinds of crazy shit going on now, and unfortunately, its gonna continue. The problem with todays world is that people are too open minded about some things, and too close minded about others. Security- for instance. Sometimes I ponder upon the possibility of a man shooting up kids in a safe and secure school enviornment. If schools had tighter security, it would be much more difficult for a crazy person to just walk into a school and shoot up 20 kids. Unfortunately, people seem to think that having tighter security means a less friendly school enviornment, and the trade-off of safety ultimately led to the particular incident, which otherwise would’ve been avoided.

Sure, gun control could be an answer, as I doubt that even outlaws would give guns to crazy people. However, it is also everyone’s duty to be responsible for their own safety. People are too relaxed, and they shouldn’t be- at least not with this crazy shit happening. People need to understand just just because they’re in the suburbs, doesn’t give them any reason to be less cautious. Those conneticut people clearly didn’t give a crap about security until the second they saw the storm coming, and that’s something that could be avoided.



I personally think that paranoid is good. It is in situations like these that it pays to be paranoid.

Of all the news I’ve seen, nothing explains why a twenty-year old would go shoot up 20 kids, and then kill himself. So I speculate. In one scenario, I imagine an idiot believing in the end of the world and going “YOLO”, then figures out that the last thing he wants to do before doomsday is to shoot up a bunch of kids. In another scenario, I think of a crazy person who just plainly enjoys the pain and death of innocent little children.

Another thing that says a lot about society is its reaction towards the shooting. Some people call it “disgusting”, but unfortunately “disgusting” will not deter phsychotic killers from doing this in the future, because they’re crazy, right? I predict that some time during the 21st of december, there will be a bunch of deaths involving crazy people doing whatever the fuck they want because they think we’re all going to die anyways. The 21st of december might not be the end of the world, but it will be a mini end of the world.



Call me insensitive, but these children are DEAD. It’s time to move ON. They’re a lost cause, grieving or calling the killer “disgusting” won’t make them come back. What we have to do is LEARN from this incident, be prepared for more of this stuff happening, both emotionally and physically. Tighter security measures, be paranoid, and remember that just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you don’t have to lock doors. It’s also time that asylums lock up more crazy people, and crazy kids are corrected so they won’t grow up to be crazy child murdering adults (if that has to do with anything).

I began this post with a joke, and I’d like to conclude this post with another joke. Too soon?



Highlight the below to see joke. Do not highlight if you feel you might be offended by jokes considered too soon.

Adam Lanza arrives at the gates of heaven and asks to be let in. Saint Peter indicates the newly arrived children and says, “you just shot those kids, why should  I let you in?”
Adam goes, “Well, if I shot them when they were any older, they wouldn’t exactly be ending up in heaven, now would they?”

I apologize to degenerate idiot teenagers and crazy shooters and lame useless elementary school security.

All my heart goes out to the survivors of the tragedy. Hope you get over this shit, and hope the media don’t bother you too much over this.

And to those who plan on doing something crazy 21st December, FUCK YOU!


One thought on “Conneticut shootings

  1. I just want to point out that according to what I’ve seen on the news, Lanza didn’t get in the school right away. He didn’t just stroll right on in. It took a while for him to shoot out and bust through the locked doors. The security measures required to respond to such a militant attack are various, sure, but infeasible to implement all over the place.

    Armor: Had the building been armored against such attack, the attack would have failed. That would mean all doors and windows need to withstand steady fire for a long time with a high power firearm. Schools don’t even have enough books, where are they going to get Secret Service level building armor?

    Security Staff: How many armed personnel with service pistols would have had to be there? (And at every school, by extension.) Or how many would it have taken if they had had, for fuck’s sake, assault rifles instead of service pistols?

    And yes, the media went Nucking Futs about it. But they kinda had to (given what the media has become in this land). Thankfully they’ve gone on to their next gruesome meals (like vulchers once nothing is left to devour).

    I really appreciate your view on this… I was preparing myself to be horribly offended when I clicked this link, and I am pleased to find that I am not.

    Oh, and as far as crazy people getting guns, it’s a tricky thing!!! So many of them can act not-crazy sooo well.

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