More Bits and Pieces

  • “Apparently, if you copy and paste this to ten comments in the next 10 minuets you willhav they best day of your life tomorrow.”
    A boy named Jake reposted this . The next day he had a tasty sandwich. For the rest of his life, Jake’s perception of “As good as life gets” would be a tasty sandwich.
    Do you really want to cash in on the best day of your life so early? Say no to chain posts.
  • What do you call an organism trapped in a piece of bread? inbred. I apologize to the cockroach I found in a hot-dog recently.
  • Once upon a time McDonalds lived in the fear of being sued for monopolization of the McDonalds market. So McDonalds asked god for a competitor. So god took the chicken aspect of McDonalds and made KFC.
    Thus was the tale of how woMcDonalds came to be.
  • there’s a fine line between stupidity and creativity. Most people, including me, are unfortunately on the wrong end of the line.
  • An American, an Chinese, a India national and a Mexican are stranded on an island after a “water landing”. As they stare into the ocean in dismay, the Indian points to a big floating box of food. They retrieve it to find cans of beverages and boxes of airline catering, untainted and completely dry, however no utensils. The American takes a box and a fork out of his pocket, says “I can eat anything with a fork”. The Chinese takes a box and a pair of chopsticks out of his pocket, says “I can eat anything with chopsticks”. The Indian takes a box and says “I can eat anything with my bare hands”. The Mexican takes a box and a piece of taco bread out of his pocket, says something about tacos and burritos that no one understands, so everyone makes him sweep the floors.
  • Pro wrestling is gay as fuck despite the ultimate objective of killing your opponent. Seriously, get a gun if you want to seriously injure someone. Getting up and close to hit and get hit isn’t manly; its stupid.
  • image 

^For a caption to the above image, select one of the following:

1) the guy that Microsoft fired

2) the guy that Apple fired

3) the guy that Adobe fired

4) the guy that the Google Android team fired

5) the guy that linux devs don’t want to work with

6) the devs of BSD


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