Rampage (2009) Kicks Ass! (spoilers)



 How cool is that?

I  watched this Uwe Boll film yesterday, and I have to say, it is FUCKING AWESOME!!!

The very idea, that a film could be about a criminal who gets away with massacre without some cheesy hollywood confrontation ending in the criminal’s demise is in itself, a fascinating concept.

How many times have I watched an action film where the bad guy seems to have the upper hand, but then the good guy manages to turn the tide through some impossibly illogical mistake the bad guy made and thought: What if, for once, the bad guy actually did the sensible thing and just shot the good guy without making some poetic talk or “final words”?

What if, the bad guy didn’t have the ridiculous belief of “never kill women and children” or “sure, I’ll put down my gun and fight like a man”

What if, the bad guy wasn’t a complete moron who thinks that the only way to succeed in his evil plan is to give the good guy a chance to kill him in a very risky standoff in which the good guy might get the upper hand?

And this film is the answer.

While this film is like a film version of what people really do in GTA, which many will relate to violence and gore, it is actually IMO much less violent than most violent and gory films. For one, while it has a lot of shooting and dying, the film does not contain any torture, and in my book, torture is much more violent and graphic than randomly shooting people. In fact, the only type of violence present in the film comes in the form of firearms, with no fist fights and very few knife scenes.

I hate films with torture scenes. Some say its because I have a weak stomach. I say its because I’m too much of a coward.

Now obviously I don’t condone, nor do I find acceptable, the idea of killing 100 random people, but hey- this is just a film. It’s fiction, just like Iron Man is fiction, GTA is fiction and Falling Down is fiction. Combined, this film is, whether mindless shoot ‘em up or artsy social commentary, as long as you put down your stupid “morals” and watch this guy indiscriminantly kill people in a Uwe Boll context, you’re gonna love this film.

Or hate it, it’s up to you.

It really is.

Now that you’re reading don’t stop! Share Rampage with at least one other person or else someone might try to randomly kill you with or without a weapon at one point in your life and he or she may or may not succeed.


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