Many more Bits ‘n Pieces 6-feb-2013

Since this is such a randomly scattered and fragmented post, I’m implementing a shortcut feature, which is basically a table of contents utilising the Ctrl-F search feature and unique codes to take you quickly to the places you wanna read and skip everything else. To use the feature in Chrome (PC), Ctrl-F, then copy and paste the code in brakets, then click the “down” button.

1.Sorta funny/interesting pictures (xxxys)

2. Lame stuff related to me being a student (asadd)

3. Introduction to Dayz (scroll down)

4. Computer tip of the day (asdasdfhuck)

5. Short Day Z film adaptation script (safsdgb)

6. Last part of the post (sdgscx)

Day Z is Awesome (More Funny bits below)

I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been hooked on Day Z gameplay videos

Frankionpcin1080p’s Day Z series*

Website for Day Z

For those of you who don’t know, Day Z is a realistic-ish horror survival multiplayer zombie mod for Bohemia Interactive’s (sort of) realistic military simulation FPS game, Arma II. Multiplayer only, it has a massive fan base despite being full of hackers (called script kiddies because they’re fuckin lamers who can’t do shit in a game that requires more than smashing a LMB, therefore they cheat and ruin it for everyone who plays proper. Plus they get you banned if they execute a script on you when you don’t have battleye bypass on), and since the first time I logged onto Day Z I’ve been hacked and teleported twice, I’ve decided the only chance for me to experience Day Z properly  is via other people’s Day Z videos.

But nevertheless, Day Z is super fun, and its standalone version (with improved protection against hackers and better bug fixes etc) is due within the year, delayed due to some Greek assholes who locked up two of Bohemia Interactive’s developers for espionage because they took tourist pics of some military base, because like anyone’s gonna invade a bankrupt country and inherit a bunch of negative economy.

Anyway, Day Z is super fun nevertheless, so if you got the money and time, I highly recommend you buy Arma II Combined Operations (for around $30 download price on Amazon) and try it out on a private hive server (you probably have to get whitelisted first), since standalone seems to be coming at the pace of kingdom come.

*Frankie’s videos have recieved hackusations. Personally I don’t give a shit because most entertainment is fake so who cares if a guy who makes great videos usus hacks once in a while, even I now have battleeye bypass on at all times to avoid being kicked in case some script kiddie decides to execute some script on me which battleye will then mistake for me being a hacker and then ban me. Of course, “Frankie (not his real name of course)” is suspiciously dickish about all youtube videos about him hacking and has removed them on the grounds of copyright claim (much like US and Friends are doing to wikileaks), so if your morals are so high and mighty then spread the word that he is hacking. Just keep in mind that when you do this, you are destroying entertainment and making a big deal out of something that’s essentially no big deal at all.

More Bits n’ Pieces (xxxys)

Imagine… a graphical calculator… armed with an 22nm atom processor@ 20mhz… the performance would be awesome (for a calc) and the battery would last forever. There’s that high end niche in the market for every single product. Besides, graphical calculators are so expensive anyways, why not make them worth the money?

Oh you sneaky white people 🙂

Don’t worry, I invented my own sneaky words too:


n. a person with a unrightfully high status

v. to obtain a high status through unconventional means

acronym. (work hard)

eg. “I tell ya, to get to my position as CEO you either gotta have a doctor’s degree, or you gotta sfelch. See Thompson over there making head of department with his GED? He’s a sfelch.”


n. A form of exercise where  a woman would lie on a floor when kicking a perpendicular object to strenghten leg muscles. Made redundant after the invention of the squat.

eg. “Why are you lying on the ground and kicking the wall?”

“I’m sqwatting, you asshole!”

Youtube’s 1080p SUCKS! True story. Come on guys it is 2013 now those of us with high bandwidth want better quality!!!


Google Chrome

Google Chrome has interesting spell check. On the other hand rappers (and singers in general) are definitely not the most logical people in the world. Take Taylor Swift’s “love life” for example.


Airline Manager with a fuel price of $15 per pound???

Airline Manager is a rather entertaining facebook text game, and really the only text based facebook game I regularly visit. Because I like planes. The photo above shows a very rare in-game situation where the fuel price drops to $15 per 1000lbs, and one of the key points of the game when starting out is to buy advertisments and fuel when the price is right, ie low. Fuel prices are tyically $1000 per 1000lbs in game with a typical low of $400, so I thought this was a screencap worthy discovery.

Its the bitch

Okay it is the bitch.(Image source: Hong Kong International Airport’s Handouts, Hong Kong’s Airport security)

Despite finding the above really fuckin hilarious, I am not a misogynist. I love all genders. Except for transgenders who deserve to die. And crossdressers. Ok I don’t love all genders.

I try to maintain a normal attitude towards good looking girls who seem knowledgable but I just can’t take good looking female comedians/artists/specialists seriously. My brain’s like “respect that bitch yo” but my body’s like “you look like a man THEN I’ll respect you like a man. ‘til then, aaass and titties

Stuff related to me being a student (asadd)

Doing stuff in tests normally considered cheating does not help unless you’ve studied a bit in the first place

Ritalin does not help you if you don’t try to study in the first place

If you a student, and got shitty grades and feel your prospects in life might sum up to making delicious McBurgers, and you’re feeling down cause you know you’re a piece of shit, just know that…

You are not alone/ My grades are worse than yours/ Society ain’t gonna open doors for us/ So cry, get a rope, hang yourself, die/ Nothing beats a good old fashioned shotgun goodbye/ just splatter your brains all over their precious shit/ let them know who’s the bitch…

Composer wanted. hehe.

Computer tip of the day (asdasdfhuck):

While SSDs are much faster than traditional hard disks and have faster write speeds and search times and random data access (basically much faster), they are much more expensive, store much less data than traditional hard disks, have limited rewrite capability and are prone to random failures. If you have a desktop, then buying SSDs will not be the only way to improve your performance.

The solution to slow hard disks is RAID 10. RAID 10 is a combination of RAID 1 and RAID 0. RAID 1 basically syncs up 2 hard disks to be exactly the same so that in the event of failure in one the computer can continue as normal. RAID 0 combines two hard disks and interweaves data between the two hard disks, offering the same amount of storage as 2 hard disks but double the performance. And RAID 1 is required because RAID 0 has abosolutely no tolerance for faults at all, so if one of the hard disks fail then everything will be lost, therefore RAID 1 is recommeded.

The price advantages to RAIDing is numerous: In Hong Kong and on a good day, you can get a 1.5TB 5900RPM SATA hybrid hard disk (100MB/s sustained transfer rate) for around $60 USD ($450 HKD), or a 7200RPM 1.5TB (64mbcache) for $75 USD ($550 HKD) Imagine what you would have to pay for 3 TBs (2×1.5) of SSD! A 1TB SSD from Micron costs more than $500, amazon lists as $2500, period.

Of course, if your computer has the capacity, you could RAID10 eight 256GB hard disks to give you 4x the performance of regular hard disks and 1TBs of storage. The only downside is the power consumption, but in some cases  power consumption won’t matter that much, plus hard drives are much more stable so that’s still a plus.

Short Day Z film adaptation script (safsdgb)

Last but not least, I’ve written a simple script for a short Day Z (comedy) video adaptation which I hope will one day be made. I would do this myself, unfortunately I am not that good at flash, plus I’m a terrible voice actor, plus I can’t compose, and I don’t really know much about film. So please read the script below, and if you think you can help with voice/animation or turning this into a proper movie script, contact me. Better yet, you could gather your friends, do this yourselves, credit me and give me 5% of your earnings off this (if any).

Script is as follows:

Day Z- IN a flash

Episode 1 short script

Elektro, Chernarus

9:03 am

Zombies are roaming

Snipers are sniping

Seaside, a quiet light shines through the sky, and a player appears

“where are you guys, spawning service keeps screwin up”

“we’re in Cherno”

player gets sniped

player ghost: WTF man???

(title screen)

(episode card)

Player running along the forest, hears flies

Sees body, analyses it using HUD

Picks up the Makarov on the body, and the ammo, then continues running

Comes across a farmhouse, nearby zombies agro

Player escapes into farmhouse, aggroing zombies follow in, starts walking

Player runs in a little more, starts shooting at one particular zombie

Player shoots zombie 9 times (change camera angles), the zombie is still alive

Player: shit, out of ammo

Player runs towards a hatchet at the end of the farmhouse, kneels to get weapon

Player reloads the hatchet, then hacks some zombies.

A zombie strikes player, his leg is broken. Another zombie stikes the player and he bleeds graphically.

Just as a zombie about to eat player, another player(hero) with a M9SD shows up and saves the player who is now crawling.

Hero: we got a live one

Hero bandages up the player

Hero’s friend shows up and sees the player

The player is shaking, he turns around to the others: I got a broken leg

Hero: Tell us what to do, tell us how to fix you

Hero’s friend: What can we do wade, tell us what to do???

Player: I … could use a little morphine

Hero’s friend: What good can morphine do to broken bones?

Hero: Okay… give it to him, give it him!

Hero’s friend kneels beside player and applys morphine.

Player shoots up and hacks up the heros: “Haha, suckkas!”

Hero’s ghosts are cursing, player laughs: you shoudla been more cautious

Player loots hero and suddenly wears bandit clothes, a british guy show up with a DMR, in accent: oh, a bandit. We hafta killim because clearly shot those two guys. Besides, I’m a celebrity.

british guy shoots Player with DMR at close range

Player: fuck

zombies are roaming

bandits are stealing cars

as we fade out, british guy says: imagine how awkward it woulda been if they shot at me while someone was recording. That woulda been bad for my rep

The end


Okay, so this might not have been the best blog post you’ve ever read. Yeah I suck at this since I’m not a professional, so give me some suggestions. Should I have split this into several smaller posts and spammed my 5 subscribers with notifications causing them to unsub? Should I leave it the way it is? Or should I go fuck myself? What part of my post did you enjoy (I am trying to find a direction)? Which part of my posts should I delete and never speak of again? Did you laugh when I referenced a certain film in the short script? I love feedback because I love knowing whether or not people hate me, so comment gosh darnit!

As always, please rate and/or comment  and/or subscribe!


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