10 reasons to not use McAfee Antivirus!

The piece of shit AV that came with my laptop’s OEM is the worst fucking thing ever to happen to the history of software.


1. The UI is terrible. I had to use it for two weeks before I learnt how to access the product’s secondary functions.

2. The program is annoying. Somehow the devs think we’re all 3 year olds who need to be told exactly what to do, and bombards us with undeactivatable notices to update immediately until we click “yes”. Because the newest goddam viruses are all targeted at normal-ass users instead of government/military targets or rich people, and that shitty software is somehow able to block the newest viruses because being the consumer level software that it is, it is ultra powerful and can deflect any virus

3. The program is dangerous to the work enviornment. If you need your computer on for a continuous period of time but McAfee updates its main program, you’re fucked. The fucking SOB first gives you the illusion that you can postpone the reboot indefinitely by clicking the “postpone reboot” button, but after a while the cunt just goes rogue and reboots anyway, shutting down all the work you’ve been doing, the film you’ve been watching and even that encoding task you’ve been at for 3 days and only have 5% left to encode. The autosave function doesn’t exist in every single software goddamit! Unfortunately you can’t get a refund for that fucking problem, because…

4. Refund policy sucks. You have thirty days to say “fuck the software” before the software fucks you for  the rest of your subscription because you believe that McAfee is still better than Microsoft Security Essentials since some crappy tech site said so. Unfortunately my license came with my laptop’s OEM, which probably means I’ll have gotten 1) no refund or 2) limited refund @ OEM price or 3) had to return my fucking laptop to get a full refund on everything, which would defeat the purpose of buying a laptop in the first place, even if I did try to get my money back within the 30 day trial period.

5. The program does not shut up, and simple functions like “deactivate crappy feature and stop bitching about it forever” are simply not present. You set the program to stop real-time scanning for viruses for a period of 1 hour, but after half an hour it reminds you to turn its primary function back on. Like a fucking goldfish! You expect a goldfish to safeguard your computer?

And while we’re at it, there is absolutely no option to COMPLETELY DISABLE a feature. The program with perservre one way or another in forcing you to turn every single one of its miserable features on, and doing whatever it tells you. Kinda makes you the software’s slave.

6. Also you can’t add virus exceptions to the program files folders. You can add virus exceptions in c:\games though, which is really fucking stupid because unless I’m wrong, a virus in c:\games is just as fucking damaging as a virus in c:\program files.

7. There is no batch processing in the firewall. If you have 11 programs in the same folder that you want to ban from accessing the fucking internet, you gotta ban them one by one, making your way from the default folder to the particular program’s folder each time you add a new item to block, since the program will not remember its last location and thinks that you won’t be needing to block anymore programs from a same folder since you’ve already blocked one from that folder.

8. As with all software companies, you get no real help on the software’s website. And while you can’t demand the programmers add some useful feature that’s (surprise, moron devs!) standard in most other AV, what you can do is submit “product ideas” which the company may decide not to act on if it gets enough votes (since the only thing they’ve approved from the “product ideas” is a fucking phone support service, which is again standard in all major software companies but McAfee

9. There is no “advanced mode” containing slightly more advanced options other than those that only cater to complete computer retards. Everyone is a dumb 7 year old in the eyes of McAfee, I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING WHEN I DEACTIVATE YOUR ASS, I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

10. Say you’re past the refund date and decided to use the support line to send an email that would hopefully break the product designer’s humanity out of his black heart, and he would finally do something to fix this shit. You’re waiting for the next update which would hopefully bring the software out of the stage and into alpha stage, but in the meantime you wanna keep McAfee installed, but you wanna use some other software for your active antivirus to avoid any potential forced reboots you could experience in the future.

Well congratz- fucking –lations. Its not possible. Anything short of a complete uninstall will not turn off the product, believe me I’ve tried (perhaps not hard enough), but even I, as system adminis-fucking-traitor, can’t do shit to shut down the program. Since apparently I don’t have the freedom to do what I want to my computer. McAfee simply restarts itself and continues to haunt you with its hideousness every time you force quit or halt its process.

Acer, please don’t include anymore McAfee products in your OEM software, its bad for your brand image.

So there you have it, folks. Ten fucking reasons not to use McAfee. So get your money back, and if you want a good AV solution then get Security Essentials. Its free, offers a basic level of protection alongside a usable interface, and I figure that since if some highly advanced hacker wants to get to you hes gonna get to you anyway, you’re probably better off saving the 10-20 bucks you spend on the Antivirus software to invest in your next computer.

Hit the like button to show your contempt to McAfee antivirus, share to let others know your contempt at McAfee, and comment below if you think I missed something. Better yet, don’t waste your time hitting the like button, instead go use affirmative action to force McAfee’s devs to change the software, so that the remaining 7 months of my subscription are not wasted. Move it, right now! Hold signs outside their office! Start a movement! Send life threats to their death beds! Avenge my money!!!

Update: Epic conclusion here.

60 thoughts on “10 reasons to not use McAfee Antivirus!

  1. more reasons he hires people to fuck up peoiples pcs load them up with duplicate crap files then send little antivirus (fix hints) to people like they where fishing in a black vertual pond after they jam there pocs up with duplicate files in the millions to get money for there crap duplicate service
    i want the fuckers arrested!

  2. Their automatic renewal is a scam for the unsuspecting fools like me.They took monies from my account without my permission,causing an overdraft in my account.I immediately uninstall it.I contact my bank to reverse the charges.It’s been over a month and I can’t get my money.I visited their home page for a refund,but that’s a runaround.I will never buy any thing Mcafee.I just want my money back.

  3. The funny thing is that they use to be the best in DOS era (Remember scan.exe and clean.exe). Too bad they missed the Windows curve.

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  5. I am so thankfull for finding that post to share my frustration of using this software for only 2 days.

    McAfee is the most annoying, crude, slow (well maybe norton is slower) and confusing software you ever can install.

    It takes ages (waited 3 minutes then gave up) to even display Log files on a Windows installation which is 2 days old.

    The most annoying thing about that programm is the reboot process. It just reboots. It doesnt let you save your work. It doesn’t let you cancel the reboot. There is a TOPIC about the REBOOT problem in the OFFICIAL MCAFEE FORUM. Its a YEAR OLD and they did not fix that yet.

    The interface is the most confusing of them all. It is seperated into sub menus. So if you want to go to a different part of the menu you have to click the back button 3 or more times.

    Affe is the German word for ape. And i truly think this software was build by apes.

    Do youreselve a favour and install Kaspersky. I use it for years and it never let me down. And they have the most awesome customer support ever.

    • Today I went through my Visa account and low and behold I saw MCAFEE subscription again.
      Reactivated YEARS after I called the first time to say take me off your fucking list. In fact, I don’t even use the same computer nor do I have the software. It utterly maddening. We need to like get hem to shut down or get investigated for fraud.

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  7. Thank you. I needed another voice sharing my frustration.

    As I was attempting to uninstall McAffee, it had decided to download Windows updates “for me” in the background. Now the real Windows update (which already has an automatic download/install, thank you) will not work and I need to refresh, if not reinstall Windows, to remedy the problem.

    This after a morning uninstalling bloatware from an android phone. A few execs go to bed together and everyone else pays the price.

  8. 1. Unistall McGeeFee immediately!
    2. Get AVG Free – it actually catches viruses in real-time unlike this bloatware piece of shit program.
    3. Never pay for AV – EVER. You should not be expected to buy an OS and M$ Office licensing just to pay more money to protect their hackable horrible bloated coding. Bull shit.

  9. If everyone offers there misfortune of buying this useless McAfee product, hopefully they will fail as a company and the word will get out to avoid them altogether. I wished had read about them BEFORE i even installed there product on the computer. They insult you with trying to charge you $90 to remove a virus that their product should have protected you in the first place ! Dam this company and the knucklehead who runs it !

  10. McAfee just ruined my system it just fucked my pc’s common program files like vlc , km player , internet download manager , and other several programs whenever i try to install any one of above said softwares it says installer integrity check failed . i think it destroyed 400+ software installation files i feel like being robbed , fuck u McAfee . i don’t need an antivirus that detects common , harmless programs like threats , now i have to download those files again . even after restoring files , they just dont work , and there is no option to add such files in exclusion list .
    i dont know who the fuck is developing such crappy av program , again fuck you McAfee

  11. When I see Mcafee it make me wana womit shit from my mouth Mcafee is like nanny MacAfee named as the movie and nany macgeefee-macfee I hacked Mcafee and all your fucking personal data go’s to the fucking government all your data gone… Mcafee is a virus I will take down the MacAfee site down soo no one will download mcafee I promise.

  12. Unfortunately I have had McAfee for several years and each addition has become worse. It got to the point that my computer was sooo slow and as mentioned in this blog; pop up messages were continuous. I finally replaced this garbage AV with “Vipre” and on the first scan it found almost 300 problems; some mild others very critical. My question is why didn’t McAfee take care of these problems?
    I truly believe that McAfee is a virus itself. In the past years I have spent many hours on the phone with there non English speaking tech reps trying to get it to work correctly, but still screwed up. I really am glad I got the “Vipre” and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a great VP program.

  13. Have to agree, McAfee is a piece of crap! Got a call from a friend who suddenly found that her laptop coudn’t access the internet anymore. Went round and checked everything, couldn’t find the problem. Then I noticed she had installed McAfee, so I uninstalled it and hey presto!.internet access restored!
    Checked the McAfee website and they know about this problem and even have instructions on how to solve it, which is not much use when you cant access the net – http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100810

    But what kind of company makes an AV that blocks your pc from the internet completely? A crap one it seems.

  14. Waooo, so much frustrations…I’m agree with…I found this place while googling ‘McAfee sucks’.
    About 2 years ago, i was already under McAfee when a virus completetly fucks up my Desktop under Windows 7 just after a system update…still have some trouble! Since today I’ve renewed my subscription – THAT’S THE LAST TIME.
    All my computer are ACER, if ACER persists the next one wont be that brand…

  15. Holy fucking shit. Sorry for the vulgarisms but that’s the first thing I think when I read McAfee. Slowdowns, false-positives and ugly UI. That’s McAfee! First thing I do on a new computer? Format C:\ and Windows 7 installation. When I read how much bloatware there is in new computers, I just format, install everything myself and it’s fine. BTW. my main computer is a stationary home-made gaming computer, so it didn’t even have a system with bloatware! Yay :)

  16. I googled mcafee sucks and i got this page on the top.
    I am glad because i thought i was the only one having problem with this crapafee.
    There was this virus in my temp files and crapafee was unable to delete it.
    i tried to quarantine it and it didn’t work.so i deleted it manually from my temp files.
    Whats the point in spending my money on antivirus when this sh8tty antivirus can’t delete a simple virus in temp files??
    Mcafee sucks

  17. One other bit of information. Your PC has an online protection that you have to go to and deactivate the protection. I have had to uninstall McAfee three times in the past year. My PC developed virus like behavior and McAfee would not run. It was so bad that most people would have reformatted the hard drive. It was a bitch! McAfee was the virus and their website offered to help me for an additional fee. A total scam that causes many people to think they were a victim of a virus, and pay MORE money or lose their information.

  18. Try removing their software, took me about 4 hours and much work in safe mode to remove Mcafee total protection. Upon finally uninstalling it and switching to ESET node32 anti-virus I immediately noticed that my computer started acting like it should with a “extreme edition” quad core cpu in it. can’t believe I got hosed for so long!

  19. McAfee is some stupid shit. I play a fun building game called ROBLOX (some of you may have heard of it) and it completely blocked the forums from me saying it was a “malicious site”. What the fuck! It’s a building game for crying out loud! So my Dad unlocked the forum page, but guess what? McAfee was too stupid to figure out that “Hey, if he unlocked the forum page, maybe he meant to unlock the CATAGORIES UNDER THE FORUM” So now, I can’t even go under a Discussion page, or Building page, all I can do is stare at the ROBLOX forum fucking page.

    McAfee, do us all a favor and GO TO HELL!

  20. Well, you didn’t mention that this piece of shit sucks up system resources like mad. It came pre-installed on a Dell I bought recently, and I hadn’t bothered to pull it out by the roots until today. This craptastic software CONSTANTLY uses upwards of 300 meg of RAM, grinding away on my hard drive so that it shows read/write requests running 100% of the time. I uninstalled it (yes, you’re correct that you can’t disable the shit 100% without a complete uninstall) and replaced it with Avast!, and now my protection software is only using 6 meg of RAM in the background, and my read/write requests are running at 0 to 2% when my system is idle. It’s also deathly quiet in my office now because I don’t have to hear my hard drive grinding away non-stop.

    • I agree 100% with your comment and thank you for mentioning the hard drive noise. A couple of weeks ago I uninstalled McAfee Antivirus Plus 2014 and system ran faster. I ran Malwarebyes and came out clean. Yesterday I decided to install McAfee again since my subscription doesn’t end until January 2015 but computer was so slow so this morning my hard drive was making a horrible noise and I thought it was going on me so I uninstalled McAfee again for the last time and noise stopped and Chrome opened faster. I thought I was having problems because of using Windows XP still but noticed people using Windows 7 and up were having problems. I couldn’t stand the window popping up telling me I had 105 updates which I don’t update because it slows my computer way down. I purchased this for $24.95 which I thought was a good deal until I saw Amazon selling this for under $11.00. I left a negative comment on there too. Saw a video this morning showing John McAfee taking a rifle to his computer and shooting it because it is tough to remove it completely….lol. I am looking into PC Matic because I do a lot of online shopping and need some protection. Right now I only have Windows Firewall and FREE Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Malwarebytes showed computer clean after I uninstalled McAfee today.

  21. Mcafee is the biggest scam I don,t know why Microsoft does business with them oh that’s right McAfee is part of Intel

  22. Buyer Beware, Do not install this on anything. Cost me Time and Money. Contacting the state attorney generals office on this one. Completely shutdown a brand new laptop. DO NOT INSTALL MCAFEE SOFTWARE …..EVER…!!!!!!

    • Don M
      Uninstalling McAfee destroyed my laptop hard drive. It was an HP with XP. McAfee didn’t catch the viruses so I uninstalled using the step by step method as directed by McAfee. After I tried to re boot my computer it failed; the HP was dead. SONY was hacked and their hard drives were destroyed in the process. I wonder if contacting the Attorney General’s Office is of any value?

  23. I have this McAfee antivirus on my Windows 8 (not by choice) and it keeps telling me there is a Trojan on my computer. I have no idea how it got that idea to be honest and I think its not true or its identifying something harmless as a Trojan. This system is pretty darn ridiculous and all I really wanted was a computer just to type things for university and not to wrestle with a silly antivirus system. So yes, I’m not happy with it either :o

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  25. My brother bought a new Dell for my Mother (I paid half) but stupidly he didn’t tell me that he also bought McAfee. God I wish he had told me that first. Waste of money. Now the best part…a wee after getting the computer she gets a cold call from some dude who says he’s with McAfee and needs $300 for a 2-year protection plus he wants to remotely access her computer. My 84-year old mother knows no better so she does it. Smart thing is she called me afterwards. I immediately recognized this as a scam. Good news…we got the money back through her bank. Bad news…I really think McAfee is in on these scams and releases a list of names of people who have just bought their product.

  26. i know… i bought a new pc and it had mcafee, it always stoped alot of things and guarantee some files that thought that they were virus. i had to unistall it and had to find on the internet the files that were missing… so mcafee IS VERY BAD

  27. such bullshit. I thought Norton was bad because the minute my sub was up I had cyberdivision child porn crap popping up. I heard they ping your computer to scare you back into renewing. I heard Mcafee would slow my system down some, but for shits sake, it was grueling just trying to get a browser to open let alone research ANYTHING. So since it crashed my system and I finally got it up and running, i did some research and found that MCAFEE is the culprit. 63 days into subscription and couldnt even use my computer from day 3 of download till about 3 and a half more weeks. These bastards are making a killling off cancelled subscritions. They can kiss my ass including the chick who cant understand my english pretending to be “so sorry” I HATE MCAFEE AND I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW IT!!!

  28. Yes it sucks maior fucking god damn ass!!! every minute it says updated needed, then it downloads shit without asking, using your fucking data plan up, as if every fucking one has unlimited data!!! O but no it does not tell yu it is updating… it just fucking does it… then next thing you fucking know is, booooom… you go to use the web and it says sorry your data usage for this month is up, only to then see that McABitch was updating shit without asking you, even though you told it not to do updates!!! fuck the bastards who mad this sorry ass software!!! hope you get rapped!!!!

    • Or, between the time your subscription has ended and some grace period of 14 days or so, it downloads the updates every day and when you install the updates it says “Sorry your subscription has ended”

      The company deserves to die a painful death.

  29. how this company still operates is beyond sense,their products do the complete of security,I just spent 100 sterling to get my p.c back to it’s initial state because of Mc Affee,a hex on them and all who sail with them.The words ‘internet security and Mc Affee are misrepresenting the service,therefore from the performance of their product is fraudulent in my view….plus I’m a hundred quid out of pocket with no recourse to even speak to the culprit.Daylight robbery.

  30. I am uninstalling that piece of crap right now.

    I had Norton some time ago but at least if the subscription ran out you could still use the product with the only exception being that you couldn’t get any more virus definitions.

    McAfee on the other hand completely shuts down and demands that you renew your subscription to activate the product again. Why can’t I use the old definitions, they’re still applicable.

    I hope these guys crash and burn.


  32. This is literally the funniest review I have ever read and I cannot possibly agree with you more! McAfee is a nightmare and the bitch comes pre-loaded on almost every computer out there. I’m not even activating the 30 day trial. I just want the fucker off my computer for good

  33. WOW! I didn’t know this was still going on. I spent the better part of two days removing this crap fomr my folks machine. They’d been paying for it for months, and couldn’t figure out why their machine wouldn’t function, literally. It took half an hour to boot, then simply wouldn’t run anything. So I come home from vacation two days ago and boot my machine. Everything wants to update: Firefox, Java, Flash, you name it. So it do it like I always do, but I guess I forgot to uncheck the “install stoopid shit” box on one of them, and an hour later my machine starts to freeze. Then it starts taking half an hour to reboot (sound familiar?). But I don’t realize the signs. So I’m twenty seconds from reinstalling Windows, and I decide to look at “instal/uninstall programs”, and what the hell?, there’s McAfee, on MY COMPUTER. I uninstalled it, and who’d a thunk? Everything is back to normal, just like that. How in the hell does ANYONE associate their company with this “product”? It’s worse than a joke, it should be a crime. Norton and McAfee can both go to hell. McAfee software is more insane than their crackpot founder.

  34. I hate it because 1) it’s always trying to sneak into my computer via some other software (Flash for example) and 2) I used it once and i had huge problems uninstalling it: for weeks afterward there were odd bits of it clinging to the OS, refusing to go. Fuck it

  35. Nightmare company aren’t they.
    Scared the shot out of my 80-year old mum. Renew and take money without permission. Charge me twice for same thing as well as the system drag their software causes and the lack of control options and trickiness of uninstalling.
    This as well as all you say.
    I will never forgive them or go near any of their products as long as I live.
    Despicable imbeciles!!!

  36. McAfee labs create the viruses in the first place and set it across any platform where we need to download stuff, its crap i tell you get bitdefender along with Malware bytes or super anti spyware, the work much better together.

  37. only i can say that Mcfee is bloody rascal software it says mcfee deactivated even i have two licenses purchased fuck you mcfee

  38. McAfee thinks every cracked game (Including Half Life downloaded from a torrent) is a virus? I had found Half Life mod that was cool…I’m trying to install half life…phew…now I will use Norton. It’s abit better.

  39. “Acer, please don’t include anymore McAfee products in your OEM software, its bad for your brand image.”

    I second that…. McAfee = TOTAL GARBAGE which DOES NOT protect your computer.

  40. So cathartic to read this. I’m a Linux user, trying to help my Dad with his Windows PC. I installed Hamachi year sago so I can vpn into his system from my home 700 miles away and help him via remote VNC. This past year it stopped working, so when I cam to visit for the holidays I took a look, and saw that the McAfee firewall was blocking Hamachi. I configured it to allow the program and open up the port, but it just kep blocking it. So I went to their site and initiated a chat with a technician. I typed in the details of the problem, and it said “A Technician will be with you shortly”. After 20 minutes, the tech showed up, and simply ended the chat session without typing a word. So their “award-winning support” works as well as their software.

    I sent them an angry e-mail and told them I was going to turn their crappy software off and tell me Dad to not renew his subscription. He just re-upped, so he wanted me to keep the anti-virus running. No problem, I can just disable the McAfee firewall and set up the controls I need in the Windows firewall. In about 30 seconds I had it working, with the McAfee firewall out of the loop. Except every time I reboot, the firewall is back on again.

    That’s the epitome of evil for a software app. Fail to do what the user wants, and then prevent them from turning your shitty program off and re-insert yourself against the user’s will to prevent them from working around your shitty software.

    I usually get turned off my people dropping F-bombs in blog posts and the like. But every F-bomb on this page is completely justified. I understand the need to make apps that work with people who don’t anything about computers, but when you then make the app completely fail for power users, so the only option is “trust us; we will run your computer with default least common denominator behavior”, which in this case doesn’t even do what it says it will do, your company does not deserve to survive. I wish people would wake up and stop enabling such crappy behavior from a software vendor. Especially when there are so many free apps out there that actually work.

  41. Owning a computer repair shop I can tell you the number one antivirus on peoples PC that are full of Viruses is McAfee, I have no idea why so many people stay with this crap antivirus and I have no idea why McAfee doesn’t improve its product. In most cases you cany even use a PC its so full of popups and Trojans yet McAfee doesn’t even alert there’s a problem. You have been warned.

  42. My recently formated p.c. started getting pop ups and p.u.p.warnings from mcafee…..scan revealed nothing…. contacted mcafee. ..who said i had an infected browser and wanted £90 to remove the problem..so i uninstalled mcafee and installed a.v.g for free which fixed all my problems. …Fuck you mcafee…

  43. I thought for a moment that your expletives were a little extreme. In all fairness to McAfee, they turn out to be largely insufficient. I am intimately convinced that McAfee actively sponsor hackers for the sole purpose of peddling their vile software. These people are the anus of computing, preying on the gullibility of people who don’t have the knowledge to understand that they are being sold a product which by definition will fail to catch that ‘new virus’ that McAfee haven’t yet identified. For McAfee (make a fee?) I recommend crucifixion. For the lesser sinners like Adobe, who install all manner of trash just to read their ghastly PDF files, I’ll settle for hanging them by the testicles (labiae as necessary).

    I feel better for that rant. Let them all die in hell.

  44. As an owner of a computer business I can tell you that McAfee does suck for anything non corporate. McAfee slows down your computer and your internet. It doesn’t block any more viruses than the Free Avast. It causes problems with certain devices, and had tons of incompatibilities with other programs. The worst three are Trend Micro, CA Antivirus and McAfee. They make even the faster systems 50% slower than they should be.

  45. I forgot about Kaspersky. It has a good detection rate but is another Antivirus that will suck the life out of your PC.

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