Wireless Peripherals–could they be the future?


Right now we have so many wireless devices we can connect to a computer- but they are mostly input devices, such as a game controller, a keyboard or a mouse.

Then we have slightly more complicated equipment,such as the ability to wirelessly control your pc via your tablet.

I’m sure this radical concept has been suggested- but what if, other peripherals are made wireless as well?

For example. In a modern day desktop you have your RAM, CPU, GPU, Hard Disk, etcetra all encased in a box of some sort, and inside you might find messy wires and everything is physically connected, all sucking power from one power source. Every time you upgrade, add or remove hardware, it could be a tedious process of fumbling through tons of wires and trying to cram everything into that tiny case, while making sure that the peripherals you add don’t fuck up the power supply.


Not only is this design messy and makes installing hardware complicated, but it also heat accumulates inside the case, causing a need for extensive cooling.

Therefore I think that when civilian wireless transmissions evolve to a speed of 30GB/s, we could replace things like PCI-e with, say, Bluetooth or Wifi. The concept is illustrated in the diagram below. As you can see, all peripherals could either share a power supply, or they could get their own power supply.


Because fuck messy wires

With wireless, the shape of the connector that causes incompatibility is no longer a factor, and hardware will not be limited to that tight space offered by the computer casing. When upgrading a system, the user could simply unplug a peripheral, and connect a new one to a power supply. Peripherals likely to cause more heat could be seperated so as to not affect those that do not cause as much heat. Peripherals requiring high amounts of power could get a “seperate” power supply.

Imagine the revolution that could come with high speed wireless interfacing.

I think we should try to make a wireless GPU. Not fucking gtx460 wireless that merely sends uncompressed video signals to a screen wirelessly, but a true wireless GPU that connects to its computer wirelessly via wireless PCIe. That kind of wireless. The kind of wireless that transmits data without physical contact.

Here’s what you do. You grab a discrete GPU, you stick an array of wireless transmitters on its PCI port, then you do the same to a motherboard so it can connect with the GPU wirelessly, and then you get the GPU to connect with the mobo after giving the GPU its independent power supply.

I know what you’re thinking: This is either too crazy and expensive to work. But with improvements in wireless transmission, and a transition to wireless interfacing for the average consumer, the possibilities are endless.

Just my two cents.


I’m not asking you to rate, comment or subscribe, but I’m seriously interested if you know of any ongoing experiments with peripherals that connect to its host wirelessly.


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