How not to perform a crosswind landing IRL (and how to do it in FSX without any joystick)

Have you ever wanted to do a crosswind landing better than the one I did in the video? You don’t need a joystick, all you need is autopilot and a bit of practice with your preferred airport.

1. Plot a course which ends up with a straight line approach to the runway

2. Get your airport’s elevation from available resources, and if there are no obstructions keep about 50-200ft above your airport’s elevation

3. Let the autopilot adjust your aircraft’s heading to follow the course, and keep your speed 20knots above your stall speed and apply flaps at full

4. Depending on your runway length, if you’re near or on top of the runway, begin your descent via a negative altitude hold, and apply spoilers

5. At around 20-30ft (depending on wind speed and direction) above your runway elevation, adjust your thrust to nil and use the rudder to adjust your aircraft’s heading to face the runway straightly

6. Once you hit the ground, activate reverse thrust and use brakes if required (do not use the parking brake)

7. On dual engine or more engine aircraft, increase left/right thrust along with rudder coordination to keep you on the runway.

8. Once you’ve slowed down to 20knots, activate parking brakes, or be considerate and get your ass off the runway so other aircraft can land


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