Random Post #5: Bits n’ Pieces 8/3/2013

– It’s not hard to laugh at my posts, all you need is Nitrous Oxide.

– I just found a notebook that I bought in an SPCA event a few years ago. The first page you flip open shows a letter from a dog’s point of view pleading to be castrated.

Well… I don’t speak dog, but one thing I’m certain is that these animals didn’t look too happy when being castrated. In fact, when me and a few buddies tried to personally castrate a stray, it looked kind of sad during the process. Kind of a painful look on its face, not something a dog would want. What a cruel thing to do to animals coming as from an organization supposed to care for animals.

– A salute is the altered form of the beginning of a hat removal process

– Call me slow, but i just realized that “nigahiga” contains the misspelling of a racial slang

– Won’t be long before re-tests become encore examinations. #evolutionofeuphemisms

– “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?”
Normal person: Yes/no
Gamer: No, but however a variable representing the tree is altered and saved so that the next time the tree comes within draw distance it would appear to be fallen. And if you view the server log you would know the exact time it fell, and what caused it to fall.

– If god created us… then who created god? Or is god an athiest?

– When scientists have invented a really painless way of dying, I’ll be glad to die.

– They say “behind the wheel”. That’s what happens most of the time. But actually, when you’re on reverse, you’re actually driving forward to your reverse, which makes the wheel “behind the you”.


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