Facebook Pages Need Regulation

Relax, KKK, I’m not trying to take away your constitutional right to be a goddam racist asshole on the most popular social networking site on the planet. Even though anyone who believes in lynching other people due to their ethnicity deserves to die, that’s not what I’m talking about… we’ll deal with you assholes later, but right now I’m talking about user administrated pages for commercial products and services, such as Teen Swag pages, or the facebook page for GTA.


I cannot believe this page is the most liked GTA page on facebook (link)

Right now, facebook product pages are mostly administrated by fans of the product who update their pages on a regular basis, providing relevant news and entertaining pictures about the product whenever required. Few pages are administrated by the companies that make the product, and that creates a problem, because there is that occasional situation in which the administrator of a particular facebook page might not be a real fan, but rather a teen page attention whore cunt who uses the product’s immense popularity to gain views for images hosted on sites that might pay advertising revenue for each view it gains.

Now there is an abosolute possibility that the GTA page is not the only page infested with an irresponsible piece of cunt teen page admin, but let’s give a brief history overview of what the GTA page has posted. But before that, if you’re one of the few lucky people who don’t know what a Teen Page is, a Teen page is a page targeted at Teens, and is a page created by attention whores as a like-generator. Various morally corrupted means are used to achieve likes, including but not limited to pictures of cute cuddly animals (“like for this cute puppy/baby), or inciting virtual violence against stuff people don’t like (“1 like= 1 punch in hitler’s face/ like if you want cancer to kill itself (<—WTF???)”), or through threats (“like= you love your grandma, ignore= you want your grandma to die (<—This is just plain offensive, don’t you think?)”), or through prizeless competitions (“comment 5 comments in a row without being interrupted”)

the following pictures woud give a fairly good concept:



Well, clearly people from the democratic civilised world rich enough to own electronics want to be controlled, they want to be told what to do, why else would they just blindly like any post a random stranger on facebook tells them to? (p.s. like all of my blog posts or else Osama Bil Laden will come back to life) All this attitude against dictatorships, sheesh.


Oh pls oh pls can facebook admins ban everyone who comments their younger-than-13 age in the comments section



yay, brown eye pride parade!!! (I’d like to stick it in your brown eye 吐舌頭)

FYI, teen pages are the most spam-infested pages on facebook, because the only people who visit them regularly are kids dumb enough to repost “like or die” messages in the comments section.

Anyway, onto the recent history of the facebook GTA page…

1st post: A “like if” post. We’re off to a bad start.


August 9th… still posting GTA stuff, looking good so far…


Patient bitch huh, waited half a year to start advertising her spam page


Runs out of GTA stuff to post (fuck it #1), starts spamming people with none GTA stuff


Looks like our girl obtains a GTA V png file and begins photoshopping them onto non GTA screenshots in order to make them look more GTA-ish



Fuck it #2: “Me holding a mug must be good enough for a post, in fact I’ll repost this several times just like what I do with all my other pictures”


Fuck it #3: Post some completely non GTA/ non gaming related sex+joke photos to gain views for my pics I stole from other deriative artists and gain views + ad revenue for my cramdodge/lolzepic account (ultimate downfall the page is currently experiencing


(screenshot from yesterday, these post seems to be deleted as of today)


(screenshot from today (13/3/2013), these posts will probably be deleted by tommorow)


Now we know who’s the cunt that’s been disrespectfully fucking with our GTA page… FIND OUT WHERE SHE LIVES AND KILL HER! (jk, flp*)

So, obviously I could just unlike/unsubscribe from the page, but I really don’t want to. For one, like most people, my facebook newsfeed is my #1 source of news on my favourite games products and TV shows, and getting news updates on everything via a unified newsfeed system is really convenient, I don’t wanna start registering for email newsletters that spam my email.

Secondly, the GTA page has 5 million likes, let’s say 50% of them have already unsubscribed due to their impatience with the cunthole admin of the page, but every one of her posts would still reach 2.5million audience every time, and you gotta admit that 2.5 mil is a giant fucking number. So therefore what I want, and I hope you’ll agree with me on this one- is for Facebook to surrender the admin rights of the page to Rockstar Game (the company of GTA)’s PR department, and revoke the page creation rights of the cunt so that she doesn’t make anymore faggot teen pages. At least the KKK page has an (albiet incredibly racist) agenda, but these Teen pages are imo contributing to the incredible stupidity certain stuck up piece of shit faggot teenagers exhibit today.

I believe Rockstar and all other companies deserve control over facebook pages of their products, and because clearly Rockstar would not approve of the current situation the GTA page is in,  so why can’t Facebook just give the admin rights of these product pages to their respective companies and see if the companies want them? If a facebook page is doing well, a company might say “meh, the current admin is a good fan and deserves to be admin of my product” , but if the admin of a facebook product is abusing the popularity of a product for his or her own personal gain, then I believe it’s time to kill the bitch take action.

So what do you think?

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*flp= for legal purposes


2 thoughts on “Facebook Pages Need Regulation

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