How not to teach kids about technology advancements- worst computer evolution comparison poster ever


I believe I have just found the worst fucking poster ever made regarding the evolution of computers over the years.

This piece of shit poster contains the least technical technical specifications ever. So let’s go through its errors, with extreme prejudice:

1) Failure to mention MIPS values of both processors, the fabrication process, and compared a specific processor for the 1981 but failed to designate a specific processor for the 2011, it’s 2.5 GHz not 2.5 MHz you retards (that’s a 1000x clock speed difference!), and the physical processor’s dimensions itself are kinda important don’t you think? How about some info on power consumption? A little TDP comparison would be nice. And OMG oh-no-you-di-ent forget to put in the existence of the GPU, and you did not even mention the fact that the GPU didn’t even exist in 1980? Not to mention the lack of data bus speed and any info regarding L1/L2/L3 Cache, all makes this first part enough justification for this poster to be a complete fail.

2) Believe it or not, RAM does operate at a certain speed, so mention it. In fact, I think the flash drives we use today are already much faster than the RAM of the past. And also, “16-256KB” vs “2-8 GB” is kind of a vague comparison, all I actually get is that we had much more RAM than we had before.

3) Now how do I put this… again no mention of disk speed and DVDs are kinda old now. six memory card formats all using flash memory technology, and again failure to mention the speed of the modern SSD which is kinda important to why many people are sacraficing storage capacity for them!

4) Bluetooth/WiFi are all wireless, which did exist albeit with a much lower speed (again failure to mention data transfer rates). Also the IBM PCs did have connection abilities called the ethernet, and computers were able to connect to each other via a LAN connection. If the “6 USB ports” count as a “connection ability”, then so does the “connect external storage media” also count as a “connection capability”.

TV 1984

Pictured – a 20 inch TV from the 80s. The increase in screen size is NOT an improvement. (source)

5) Finally, monitor. I know you can’t read it due to my crappy photography skills, but it says “21.5″, 1920×1080 pixels”. Now again, that’s fucking stupid, because first of all there’s no mentioning of the color capabilities, you know, whether a moniter can display 8, 16 or 32 bit color. Also, big 20 inch TV sets and screen have existed in the 1980s, the increase in screen width is definitely not a new thing. Also even back in 2011 we already had ultra high def screens going 2160p or more, so why not mention those? We’re talking about teaching about the improvement in technology, not trying to market this stupid ass lenovo all in one, are we?

Or maybe we are. if you wanna talk about advancements in computing technology, I know its tempting to compare size etc but the first thing you need to avoid are the laptops and all-in-ones, as those don’t reflect the true power a modern PC brings.

When stuns me more is that I found this poster in my school, clearly used by professional IT teachers to teach middle school kids the advancements in technology, so I’m wonderin, because this poster is the one thing you don’t want near you when you’re trying to learn about technology. My crappy school is clearly lacking in the IT department, especially when the entire IT department doesn’t even own a SINGLE FUCKING HDMItoVGA CABLE!!!

So fuck my school not having Computer Studies as an IB option, fuck this poster, and if you don’t like me using an image of your poster “Anovosti”, sue me.


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