Discovery Freelancer – Zoner Diaries Episode 3 “That Was Close”


2nd attempt at a “live” let’s play, again with Discovery Freelancer and lIceColon.

We get intimate with a planet and explode all over it, then we encounter a noob pirate attempting to scare us with his CSV and shoot at him, I show you a short and low risk trade circuit (for starter traders) and make 5 million credits in the process, all this and more in the most action packed episode of Zoner Diaries to date!

Join in on the fun! Download link for Freelancer with Discovery preinstalled: (I will try to make a tutorial video on how to install later, meanwhile text instructions are included. Oh, and Freelancer is pretty much abandonware so there shouldn’t be much legal issues with grabbing a copy. The other alternative is infinity dollars for a second hand copy plus another infinity dollars for shipping plus infinity hours for waiting for the delivery.)
Official forums for the Discovery mod:
If you like the game, support the mod developers and donate!


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