Ten little fireflies

Ten little fireflies ten little skies

Ten little needles in ten little eyes – ouch

Success is brittle liar lies, Ten despicable friar lives

Desire cries, fireflies, why cant you just lights – out

(In the spirit of “napowrimo”)

Why thank you organisers, the world needed more crappy poems (and a cheap solution for updating me blog which I havent done in quite a while 8| )

Sigh Bank the circumciser, pearls bleed or rap ye’ know em (Don’t worry, poems don’t need to make sense. All it has to do is rhyme, and I have a pretty good excuse)

Write blanks do me some homework, the birds shit on nappy gnomes (I am err… making an artistic comment on society I guess…?)

Night thanks the sudden fire, words flee or catch ebola (See, I’m expressing something on something something, it rhymes so it counts as a poem , fuck you)


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