Sand in my hand

Sand in my hand

Water soak my pants

escape mode I ran

Land oh I can

Grey fin like a Triangle

Gimme a gun and I’ll be Rambo

Jaws get grip on my sandals

Shark dicks and a sex scandal

Shark fin soup with mayo

No one will buy that plate so

Hand me a fork and playdough

Decorate it, send to NATO

Hans Blix of the U.N.

Some worldwide government

Was in the shark tank of Kim Jong Il

Now in the tank of Un

Angry letters in a flurry

The shark ate him in a hurry

In death vision gets blurry

Let the shark out in fury

Freedom cried the fishy man

Into the open water ran

Saw a beach where I can stand

Looked at the limb called the hand, and

Was blown up by a torpedo, the end.


In da spirit of napowrimo


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