Waiting for the due date

Oh, I can’t wait

Baiting for me to hand in late

Help me make

No you can only help yourself

Just do the damn thing

Stop dreaming of wealth

Cause all you get for thinking

Is nothing if you don’t do something

It’s bad for your health

Do what you need to do

Or fail

Fail in every part of life

Hail the rich guy with a hundred wives

Hail the CEO with a hundred gold

Hail the Mario with a hundred Ferrario

Mail me somma that gold

“No, earn your own damn gold”

I can’t, I’m procrastinating

“And I’m sexually Harassing

A hundred secretaries in bikinis

I employ them for eye candy

Cause I have the money

And you can have money too

If you stop being so lazy

Or else you’re screwed”

In a more literal manner

Thinking of wearing bandanas

Stop thinking, more moving

Tap the keyboard hold the pen

Productivity begins

Man up, initialize

YOLO, so why not make it worthwhile


In the spirit of NaPoWriMo


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