Look Down

Starin down the window, time to jump

Maybe when I get low, I’ll hear my own thump

Splatter on the road, act like a speed bump

Nah I won’t explode, buildin’s only two floors

high, If I go down I might not even die

Surprise, some broken bones won’t be my demise

And if I try to kill my self any other way

I’m afraid the pain gained would non-lethally kill my

Spine, modern technology will keep me alive

So should I go up the stairs for better effect?

Nah, somewhere up there I’m afraid of heights

We’ll just play it safe, just make sure I’ll be dead

I could just fall to the ground head first

That’ll ensure a concussion heads would burst

And anyone that has a thirst for blood

Could sip it off the road like a vaccuum cleaner

Or maybe they should just get a real vaccuum cleaner

Do it on a rainy day, god will wash it away

And the news and politicians, who would they blame?

“Hey dinner’s ready on a plate” Guess I could just c’mere n’ contemplate

Another day, maybe it won’t be so bad, be brave.


Written in the spirit of NaPoWriMo

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