Car crash at Hong Kong mountain, 3 presumed dead

Today (or was it yesterday) I saw a car crash on my way to school. Some dude was standing beside his car calling on the phone, presumably calling his family to talk to his children before he dies.

The car was fairly wrecked, there looked like there might have been another person in the car.

The lights on the back of the car were tainted in red, which means when they crashed, the car backed up a bit and crashed into a person who wanted to help them, smeared the victims blood all over his backlights, then he dumped the body and drove away.

I don’t have pictures for it so you’ll just have to take my word for it. But I swear it looked very suspicious

Fuck fuck fuck, shit shit shit

This is my blog where I spit

Rant rant rant, bitch bitch bitch

Abusing my voice is how i mix

potato cunt.


2 thoughts on “Car crash at Hong Kong mountain, 3 presumed dead

  1. Wow. Now I see why you got so much wrong on your YIFY article. You’re an idiot. And you’re still in school, which explains your lack of experience and sucky attitude that you so proudly put on display for everyone in the comments section of that blog entry.

    I can’t tell if you’re trying to be satirical and just doing it badly, or if you’re actually dumb enough to jump to those idiotic conclusions without having any facts to go on whatsoever. Either way, I’ve seen enough. I was foolish to give you the benefit of the doubt that you might have had some idea what you were talking about over on your encoding article.

    I’ve had a chance to actually do some digging on the x264 developers wiki and on the Doom9 forums, and it turns out that just about everything I said about settings for Handbrake was correct and just about everything you said was wrong. Not even the developers recommend an me_range of over 24 – going over 24 can actually make the outcome worse in some instances, and that’s just ONE example. What I said about diminishing returns when using a motion estimation method of anything above uneven multi hexagon was also correct. Same goes for the ref number… the higher you go the less benefit you get (4-8 is reasonable.) You have NO clue what you’re talking about in that article dude. NONE. No wonder Barry from YIFY’s team slammed you like he did. So I have two suggestions for you, which I’m sure you won’t take based on your history. One, do some actual good research on something before you go trying to act like you know what you’re talking about on a subject, and two, get a new personality and new attitude. You do not have any where NEAR the expertise or the experience to warrant the level of ego and conceit you carry, and you come across as a complete and total fucking dick… in case you weren’t aware. Maybe you don’t even care about coming across like a complete dick, but you should at least care about looking like a fucking idiot, which is precisely what you did in the encoding article. Try and actually know what you’re talking about before writing a guide on something, and stop acting like you’re incredibly intelligent and experienced because you’re about as far from either of those as anyone can get.

    I’ll be unsubscribing now.

    • Noo – don’t go!!! I promise I’ll be a better person *runs after jonathan in tears*

      Looks like you have some intolerance issues, better get that checked out, bro. Besides, getting education is much better than not getting education, so I’ll take “you’re still in school” as a compliment.

      In your attempt to bring me down, once again, you have displayed how much your reading comprehension sucks.
      Reread Barry’s comment. “Barry from YIFY’s team” wasn’t slamming me, he was slamming Handbrake. “you will never get YIFY quality in a bloated program like Handbrake”, which is a bullshit statement since in terms of visual output, Handbrake is just a GUI, so get your facts straight. Barry is an admin on YIFY as he states himself, that don’t mean he know squat about encoding, so fail lol.

      Onto why I chose the settings I did. While I try to include a good amount of information in the article, the primary objective of “THE secrets of YIFY and high quality and small file sizes are not so secret after all” is to introduce people far less knowledgeable than I am to the idea of x264, to “expose the ugly truth behind movie converters” if you will, to show people that YIFY aren’t weird magicians or super hackers, they’re just a group smart enough to use a tool that has been around for quite a while now. As for me, I’m just an individual lucky enough to have stumbled upon handbrake last summer.

      If you’ve actually read my fucking article, you’ll notice that I spent a good 80% of the article introducing and explaining the basics of video encoding (which some people seem fairly grateful for), you can probably guess who I was writing this article for.
      Hint: Not people looking to find the perfect x264 preset

      I wrote the YIFY article partially because I wanted views and writing experience, but also because I wanted to save other people the shit I put myself though when I was trying to find the magical video converter that could shrink a 720p copy of South Park BLU down to 400MB but still maintain near-perfect quality.

      “You do not have any where NEAR the expertise or the experience to warrant the level of ego and conceit you carry” sorry mate, velcomen to ze fucking internet vere evellyvunn can be full of ze ego vizzowt ze knowleche. On the other hand I never said I was any good at encoding. In fact I think I mentioned that I’m too dumb to use the x264 command line somewhere in the article, so it is in fact you who is mistaken. If you had some sense of humor you’d realize that this personality and attitude I put up in the article as well as in my replies are only done for entertainment,

      Besides, if I really were a professional, then why the fuck would I have constructed the article the way I did? You do realize that my article contains…

      *reads through article*

      … 1 instance of “fuck”, do you? Just that single instance of fuck already voids me of any academic liability I have towards the subject matter.

      And if you were really paying attention when scrolling down the page, you’d notice that the article gets updated from time to time to reflect things I learn (supplies supplies) in my interactions with both normal readers and asshole readers such as yourself, so new readers have the full benefit of the knowledge I periodically gain from commenter criticism (yes including your sorry ass).

      Also (because you seem to think that this is a unique byproduct of x264+unrealistically high settings -yea I admit to mistakes too bitch. biggest was approving your first comment), HOW THE FUCK DOES HANDBRAKE OVERHEAT THE CPU? Clearly you DON’T HAVE A CLUE as to how computers are designed- if any software can just wade over and overheat the CPU, then computers would be too dangerous for home use.

      And oh, you’re unsubscribing? Boo-fucking-hoo. Your weren’t posting your first comment to be friends anyway.

      3. You shoulda filled in your social security number instead.

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