BOMBING IN BOSTON FLUBBERMOUTH!!! 1 like = 1 prayarrrrgh Okay, I’ll start. Goddamit

Do your part in making the internet a moral place and don’t support ANY page that posts these kinds of posts:


No I don’t hate boston, I don’t hate muslims, but I do hate those GODDAM FACEBOOK PAGES that keep EXPLOITING OTHER’S SUFFERING for ad revenue.


Why do you think the GTA facebook page mysteriously links to every other day?


Do your part, flag every page that tries to make likes off this incident. We can’t have immoral spammers making money off the victim’s suffering, so LET’S DO THIS!

All photos from CNN, used under fair use.

Deriative Art © Eric Yan 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (so no fb pages make your own damn spam).


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