Launching the recapstore


The time has come for me to finally present to everybody my horrible horrible secret: The Recapstore.

What is the Recapstore? It is a website that links to various movie files I have encoded into what I call the “recap format” for personal archiving, and I’ve decided to share these files so that other people can enjoy having everything they’ve ever watched archived on their hard disk as well.

The recapstore offers various films at ultra low file sizes with much better quality than ANY other h.264/divx/xvid/mpeg2/mpeg1/vp8/rmvb release of the same file size. The reason is my super secret encoding settings which you will NEVER know, unless you’ve read my article on encoding high quality low file sizes.

I am currently in the progress of uploading my personal archive, and will not be taking any requests until I am done. Besides, while the recapstore is desgned to be a great place to find films you’ve already seen so that you can re-watch any of them at any time and any place, not for finding new films or watching any film for the first time (unless you’re on a really crappy network while undercover in North Korea.)

As for the legality of the store, well honestly I don’t see how my uploads would affect movie sales at all. The recap format is designed to be a format that stimulates your memory of a film you’ve already seen and might wanna see again, so if you rely on the recapstore for first impressions you’re probably using it wrong.

I’ve really got nothing else to say, so why don’t you head on to the recapstore and see for youself?

tl;dr – Recapstore @ wordpress @ blogspot


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