Destiny is Meaningless 2.0: You have no free will

Welcome to some hot sweaty mind fucking. Because the brain has nice curves… lots of nice curves…. Ohh yeah…

That nice soft Donkey butt

Oh you have freedom to think what you want. You have the freedom to say what you want and of course to the consequences of your speech. You have the freedom to do what you want. You could rape a donkey on the spot and the only way people are able to prevent it is if they know you have a donkey raping fetish beforehand. Or if they stick a Closed-circuit camera in the manor which deters you since you’re camera-shy.

the horse was askin for it (source)

I know what you’re thinking – “I don’t have a donkey fetish.”

But you could be a donkey raping shit-eater.

or a dobee babeen sheedeeder (source)

“I know, but I don’t wanna”

So despite it being technically possible for you to rape a donkey, you may never even touch a donkey for the rest of your life.

Why wouldn’t you want to fuck a donkey?

“Well… um”

Well what? So many internal and external factors that scream DON’T RAPE THAT DONKEY in your face, it nobody in their right mind would go rape a donkey. Your will is essentially controlled- governed- jailed inside all these factors.

“So you’re saying the insane donkey rapists have free will?”

No, the insane don’t have control over what they think, that’s why they’re called the insane.

“People with bad logic? Maybe you could trick them into raping a donkey.”

No, then it wouldn’t be of their own initiative, and therefore not of their own free will.

Sorry, but you don’t have free will. Everything you’ve done, everything you’re doing and everything you’ll ever do has been decided since “the beginning”.

KABOOM, then there were dominoes

You see, ten years ago there was a big bang- the creation of the universe, whatever you call it. The big bang triggered an insanely complex chain reaction that went on for millions of years. These large scale chain reactions went on until reactions called solar systems formed and planets settled. Upon planet earth, chain reactions continued until formed a reaction several thousand times more complicated than a regular reaction – life.

However the chain reaction was not done with itself. It continued chain reacting and the multibillions of chain reactions continue to happen, and multiply, and create even more chain reactions with chain reactions of their own, and to this day, everything you do is merely another part of the same chain reaction since the big bang.

This chain of reactions, more commonly known as destiny, or god’s will, or determinism, or the past present future, or karma/kamma, or flow of events, or luck, or fate, or whatever the hell people call it these days, is one of the many things in the world that is all determining and absolute- a true constant. And contrary to popular belief, your fate and future cannot be altered.

Everything was meant to be, including Hitler and Scientology

Interestingly this also makes the concept of time travel absolute rubbish, since any reverse time travel would mean reversal of the gabillions of the aforementioned chain reactions, and just how the hell do you do that? Certainly not through causing even more chain reactions by building and firing up a time machine, therefore reverse time travel is theoretically impossible, as in defies all logic, as in fuck you STOP PUTTING TIME TRAVEL INTO FUCKING MOVIES! Because contrary to Hollywood belief, anything that’s theoretically impossible is, in fact, practically and literally and technically and every-other-interchangeable-wordly impossible.

Coming back to the topic of destiny, I don’t mean “your fate cannot be altered” as in “you cannot change what you think will happen to you”, because the sub chain reaction called your brain will most likely try its best to steer you away from the perceived path that leads to failure and harm. But as any movie hero “destined to save the world”, you are destined to experience everything you will come to experience, because life is as determined as the final edit of any horror movie is determined – you may scream at the movie characters to just stop being retards and avoid the obvious traps, but that won’t do squat to stop the ethnic character from dying first.

Who am I?

Continuing upon the logic, Hindsight in regards to news events only works when in a similar but not exact same situation. I call bullshit when anyone says “if I were in that situation I would’a done that, instead I woulda done this and this and that”, as simply by placing yourself in a situation that did not contain you in the first place changes the situation entirely, because under the exact same situation with the exact same characters and the exact same personal factors and environment, you would do the absolute same thing, given the exact same emotions and knowledge and personal experiences and physical body which “If I Were You” logically implies.

More simply put, when you say “nah wouldn’t do thaffeyer in your situation”, what you mean is “If you were I but in your situation minus the negative traits in both our personalities, you (being me) would go do this instead of what you did/ were going to do”

Because who are you really? Knowledge? Knowledge can be learnt through school and Wikipedia, and unlearnt through a bash on the head with a paperweight.

Your memories? What if you were cloned? Would your clone still be you? No. You see through your eyes only. You can’t feel a pinch on your clone.

Are you an emotion? Emotions can be controlled through drugs, and personality can be altered by sticking a foreign object up your ***hole eyehole.

Your organs aren’t you as everything from your to your limbs to your heart to your crotch is removable, and in some cases even replaceable – your organs might be yours, but they are not you. Apparently a person’s body almost completely replaces itself with new skin and flesh every several years (as this link so gleefully disproves but fuck you I’m gonna use it anyway), so in reference of the Ship of Theseus, are you still you after 20 years? So really, “you” as in “I” is just an empty emotionless knowledge-less will-less entity floating through the fanatic ideals of the foolish, made meaningful only by what our world makes you do.


Notice how both the swats were driven by the motivation to “prove that free will exists”, so blue shirt was in fact lying when he implied he was doing this for no rational reason, and brown shirt only agreed because he was plunked in the head and couldn’t think rationally.

A simple environment driven explanation would be blue shirt set out to prove free will because some philosophraptor (who’s part of his environment  telling him that free will doesn’t exist, and his motivation for proving the philosophraptor wrong is probably caused by his rebellious personality instilled into him by his peers and the society he lives in (which are also his environment).

Everything we do is motivated- nothing we do is not.

Can’t understand why anyone would think the comic presents a logical argument. (source)

So everything you do is affected by your environment- you think a particular way because of your educators, your peers and your surroundings, and you act a particular way because of your surroundings and your diet and your genes, and ultimately there is very little if not none of you that really could count as “free will”, since your will is also made, influenced and manufactured by your environment.

Kinda like how software is made meaningful only by what computer components you give it, and what YOU DECIDE for the computer to do, except that you’re not really deciding for the computer since you don’t have free will yourself. And your computer is just another chain reaction, chain reaction-ception FTW.


meesa appeeeeearfunny but not, jarjar hating is getting old-sa (source)

“Wait a fucking frogface,” you say, “I just realized something.”

“If destiny cannot be changed, then why bother discussing it?”

Good question my lad( y ). Well obviously aside from informing you that destiny is called destiny for a reason so you’ll stop trying to “change your destiny” by paying cult leaders ignant amounts of money, and the mild turn-on horoscope fans get when reading about it and the ad revenue I’ll get by successfully seducing you to my blog with the excess amount of tags I add to my blog posts, destiny is otherwise entirely meaningless.

So no hypocrisy intended when I say- stop fucking talking about fucking destiny you fucking twat-brains, stop saying people have free will when in fact nobody has free will, and stop fucking raping donkeys GORSH DARNIT!!!

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10 thoughts on “Destiny is Meaningless 2.0: You have no free will

  1. while i personally don’t believe that the generally held to understanding of free will actually exists. i do think it would be helpful if when stating that someone does or does not possess X, or someone can or cannot do X that you should define this term for the scope of the argument. for me, personally, i believe that people in general have free will. this depends though on my definition, which is that a person can freely choose to do, think or act in a way that does not violate their “B.E.N.” beliefs, experience, nature. much can be said on those three points, but it at least gives some parameters to begin discussion and/or opposition.

  2. this is absolutely stupid.. is the same as believing in God’s fate. and who cares about chain reactions my friend ? we are aware..we are consciousness.. we know every action that we are doing… we are influenced by emotions but we still aware of our decisions in the moment. if the scene is repeated you don’t know of we would choose the same thing.. because nothing is forcing us to choose. free will not only exist but is inevitable .. free will is more real than you think … we are molding the universe through our actions.. there is nothing forcing us.. there is an infinity possibilities and our consciousness allow for these possibilities.. ideas… etc… no chain reaction about that.

    • Quantum mechanics is just another cause. it may be random, but its far from free. YOU are not quantum mechanics. You are a being affected by quantum mechanics, it is one more thing that causes you, that shapes you and forces you to be what you are. In living creatures, quantum mechanics is extremely insignificant, and can be largely discounted as having negligible effect compared to…. evolutionary drive etc.

      To prove that something is uncaused is impossible, because the mechanisms of proof dictates the assumption of causation, thus assertions of the supernatural (which is what you are doing when you say “nothing is forcing us” when in reality we have the laws of physics that dictate our actions) are always baseless, because you cannot use causation to prove something is free of causation.

      You say determinism is like “believing in god’s fate”, and that determinism is stupid because of it. That, you are mistaken. If there was truly an omniscient god, he would absolutely be able to predict the future 100% accurately. Fate would be real and incontrovertible. The reason fate is a load of hokey is because for centuries claims of higher predictive capability from various entities have all been fiction, not backed up by any actual god.

      In reality, the more you know about a situation, the better you will be able to predict its outcome. That is why military strategists etc. exist, to observe the behavior and pattern of the enemy and try to predict their next move, if free will did exist, and people did do things for no cause, then there would be no such thing as military strategy.

      • Your argument is so flawed, that I can’t even… lol
        What the hell is the big bang and the chain reaction to do with your brain and consciousness? really… NOTHING. You are aware of all decisions, even science knows that, when they say neuron influence us , they say (dopamine neuron) = emotions, we are all influenced by emotions, but that’s just how the Universe works, no mystical nonsense, no ATOM can think for you, no mysterious entity or God is controlling you. You are aware of your choices, you are aware of the unconscious processes (I had Despersonalization for 3 years and PTSD for 2 years, and I know what I’m talking about, when I became an observer of reality, I could see how free-will is not only real, but inevitable. people are influenced but always responsible, you can avoid the choices… cause-effect is just how the Universe works, without objective reality there wouldn’t be subjective, and free-will has nothing to do with it,…. and btw, now I believe not only in free-will (which obviously exist), but that we do affect the Universe with our will.. as proved with Cynthia Stafford (she read the power of subconscious mind and won the lottery) was all over the news

        how do you explain it? You can’t
        because you are brainwashed to think that you are just an observer, and can’t affect outcomes..
        we are not only observers that analyze what is happening, we use our creative mind and logical mind, we analyze, make choices, etc, we AFFECT outcomes with our will, and that’s how Cynthia won the lottery…
        I was like you in the past, before I became a creator in my life, affecting outcomes and being a co-creator with the rest of the Universe. That’s how ‘they’ (the masonic elite) make sheeps slaves, telling people they are useless. Because that’s how things work, If you want this knowledge you have to be one of them, normal people can’t have it.
        We’re ‘God’ my friend.

        • they tell you.. you are just an observer that act towards life , yes you can make your dreams come true based on actions, but you have to work hard, and be lucky, because life is hard , blah blah.. they tell you that you can’t affect outcomes based on your own mind power…that’s bullshit.

          • Your consciousness is just your awareness through your senses and your thinking, which *you need a brain to facilitate*, which is why it absolutely depends on your brain. This business of “power of the mind” is irrelevant to free will and is another discussion entirely. Even if you could make shit happen with your mind it still would not make free will any truer, it will just prove that you can make things happen with your mind.

          • Very simply, a basic pre-requisite to using “mind power” is to believe in it first. If you don’t believe it might work, then you won’t try it. Someone who doesn’t believe in “mind power” isn’t going to randomly believe in mind power (as free will suggests), rather, things need to happen before a person is willing to try “mind power”, so even if “mind power” worked, free will would still be false.

            • dude…you are. arguing for fatalism. fatalism is BS.. you have a lot of philosophical assumptions..yet no evidence.. science cannot validate your claims.. ur just trying to confirm your beliefs using philosophy…faralism /hard determinism simply cannot exist in a universe with people aware of what’s happening… and BTW consciousness IS NOT only awareness..that’s why its the hard problem. and you don’t. k ow If the person would do the same thing if they. we’re put in the same situation… I had PTSD and ..and I know many people that cured their porn addiction using their will…that’s the will power…
              It’s the neuron (dopamine) against them..its the dopamine neuron influencing them to watch porn against their will.. if free will wasn’t possible they would never. be able to get out. of the addiction..a robot cannot leave. It’s programmation..humans can..and that’s free will… u just argur for “chain reactions” but that’s just stupid seriously.. the moment that something with a consciousness analyze..imagine..will always produce something new will chose between 10000 of choices… there is NOTHING forcing you to choose.. you say “physical laws” but atoms are not something forcing you to do something lol..when scientists say that neurons influence our choices subconsciously they say about (dopamine and other neurons that influence us emotionally to do something..but we still aware of the choice..we still can avoid the choice..and any drugged person will avoid ..they will be depressed but they can avoid their brain craves for cocaine..that’s just an example… ur not even wrong with your philosophy.. and YES u argue for fate and God nonsense.. when you say “it was meant to be” I can’t even.. this is fucking stupid and bullahit (srry my English.. i’m Spanish)

              • You say that people got rid of their “porn addiction” because of free will, when in reality they overcame their desire to watch porn simply by believing that porn is bad. If you really believe porn is bad, you will try to overpower your desire to watch porn, that’s how logic-driven beings function, and you might win. It isn’t an argument against determinism: WILLPOWER exists. FREE-willpower does not.
                1 atom alone may not be forcing you do do something, but millions of atoms do. For example, being able to quite porn will depend on the strength of your willpower vs the strength of your biological urges. If your willpower is stronger, you win and quit porn. If your biology is stronger, it wins and you keep watching porn. Maybe your willpower is weak now but it will grow later, and then you win later. That’s still determinism.

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