Eric’s Internet IrAP

Tappin away at a keyboard for half an hour

Yappin today at my kneeboard don’t have a shower

Screamin into the microphone “I have the power”

Leanin at the screen or I ask my coward

Self common go do your thing

When you face a challenge go push yourself to the brink

The screen seems to wink until I realize

It ain’t fully plugged in, I clean up my D-drive

A clusterfuck of files swarm like a beehive

No honey produce when it needs to deny

Me disk space you better be worth your megabits

And megabytes of gigabytes of my hard drive’s projected life

Span, you spam my disk space I can

Delete you for about 10 gigabytes to be used

For downloading new shit as in I hit and ran

My bandwidth had always been bruised and abused

With my ISP throttling my P2P

And I download a hundred digital CDs

Of open source software it’s a legal copy

So fuck you if you think torrents are evil, see

They’re much more efficient then spending a million

On high speed servers like youtube be doin

The world wide web’s a mess and in distress

You best place your bet on what costs less

If domain name camping is still being rampant

In the world of .sex, .com’s a premium

So I register all 20 billion 6 digit combinations,

My website is your password, available for all the nations

The digital world fidgets on international issues

Interracial sex tight white pussies and a fistful

Of semen on a yemenese girl in bikinis and

Fetish sites where they literally eat naughty bits and

Stuff up the wounds with sand, regulation

No website’s gonna sell, internet’s on probation

By the authorities, you can’t even hope to be

Writing anything without being imprisoned illegally

By the law enforcement of a country, dissident

Freedom of speech is a joke, you’re an automatic terrorist

Once you single fire printed guns at your dinner, cannibal

Cause piracy will give access to Australian kids cannonballs

And a chance to see the gory bits and throw their ancestral fits

And eat children and mutilate clitor-pricks

Cause criminals are inspired by video games and

Not your president who wants to wage war every now and then

Religion can’t be peaceful for two seconds

Without some alterboy getting molested

Catholics ho let’s divert their attention onto the subject of mormons

I mean why not, if something is illogical

Your excuse of metaphorical and spiritual

Enlightment doesn’t work so well, and rings a bell

And scientologists can all go to alien hell

And join their lovely Ku Klux Klan parents

Living under redneck and incestial conditions

Don’t worry if this all doesn’t make sense

It doesn’t have to, all songs are ignant

And entertainment’s as real as a jar in a pickle

Some educational confinement, get a Hammer and Sickle

Communism is a religion so why hate on it

Like that diety called “freedom” and their fake democratic prophets

The intolerant bastards with their closet racism

And the white supremists promoting western liberty

Here’s a goddam trophy for all your faggot Harleys

While they first class their dogs to foreign countries

Infuse their sex-tourism to abuse some prostitutes

On their worldwide tour where they enjoy the servitude

Of Asian races and get away from black people

America’s being ruined by the word Whigger

And white people keep pronouncing nigguh “niggrer”

If black culture is so cool, why don’t you give up that attitude

Damn copyright trolls, culture-stealin should be sued

College neo-hippies originating from rich families

Encouraging mob-mentality against alternate theories

“intolerance for the intolerant”, that’s hypocrisy

You need to be reflective on your beliefs and stop blocking the streets

You’re intolerant of traffic, you’re intolerant of logic

Keep calm and think for a bit before you succumb to yelling shit

With infinitely biased like-whore facebook posts

Of how some perverted cop harassed your elbows

The real world is distorted in fake texts and pictures

And the boring real shit that you spam on twitter

So I escape to the video game world

Consequence free speech in single player chat mode

Not making a difference not caring for jack shit

Just happy there ain’t no goddam rules for this outlet

Where I can do anything and say anything

Meaningless pixels in a flashing contest

Suddenly realize the vagueness, the graveness

Realize the actions have no consequences

Freedom of speech useless, nobody can hear you

Even celebrities have problems getting their comments to shine through

The pile of voices that people now have

Are just about as dim as the thoughts in their head

So what if you build up a ten-people fan-base?

There’s 60 billion people occupying the damn space

And everyone is trying to do the same thing

View count zero and the internet’s mean


© Eric Yan 2013. email me @ for serious business inquiries. Please?


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