Chicago Sun Times- Just… No.

Now if the loss had been boys, then the fuck do I care. But the dead are two girls, maybe even hot girls. That makes me a sad panda.

About racism, now I personally think that this is a good time to consider the racism towards Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Too much effort has been put towards solving the racism against blacks, not enough are sensitive towards Asians just because successful Asians are more successful- hey, we work for our money too.

Stop complaining about making people making a big deal outta this “typo”, because why not? Isn’t that the American way? To just blame people?

The proper solution is to just solve this the solution applicable to any situation where someone makes a vaguely racist comment – blame someone, fire someone, carry on without really changing anything. we can either be oversensitive, or we can stop being such goddam pussies- on every issue, not just race.

I personally am offended by how the tabloid thought they could get away with this, but this might just be a publicity stunt, who knows.

Every white person has a little guy in a ghost costume with a pointy hat in their hearts. Deal with it.


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