FUCK Joystick combat

I don’t get why people say that joysticks are like a must for combat flight sims.
don’t get me wrong- in regular flight simming joysticks make it 1000x simpler and more convenient, but it’s really never worked any favors for me in combat.

case in point:
1) War Thunder – Using mouse control I was at least able to hit something, but that one time I switched to my joystick it just became a bitch to aim – I dunno maybe it has something to do with my rudder’s sensitivity but that one time I could never keep my plane pointed at the lead reticule.

2) Freespace- fired up freespace, couldn’t even beat the tutorial mission on the joystick, then I switch to my mouse and everything became a breeze. Seriously, the only way to play it is if you treat it not as a flight sim but as a fps.

And naturally I couldn’t progress through iL2 since it didn’t offer mouse steering in the options. So I really don’t get what people had to complain about Freelancer not offering joystick support.

Maybe it’s because joysticks are just that inconvenient, or maybe its because I’m using a $15 joystick. And a $6 mouse. I feel cheap šŸ˜


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