Weeeeeee Depression Freestyle 24.9.2013

Why want lyrics? Who needs a poem when you can have a song about loaning me some rhythm for my words I know them but they don’t seem to know me nor do they care leave me in despair blood in the air, a gunshot from underneath your chin brains in the air, smart pilots wasted in the redundancy bin, I think financial emergency is not so pretty, but then again what is when it has been on fire for a really long time, the flame burns the skin and the paint coating melts your heart, it burns through my body and out comes a fart, explosion! But they don’t have a good notion to justify the decision of an invasion, sorry my bad you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms and out goes your income and your baby come home alone, casualty’s too high by the look in your eyes, it’s too late, my armament’s already stuck in my chest, super-glued a mix-tape to my cassette, obsolete quality, go back to your CDs, my ipod contains a billion song entries so slim and thin it cuts me, I buy the farm, it brings me back to farmville, pluck seeds from sunflowers like farm workers, check on you daily reassured of my virtual safety, please bring me back to reality, give me freedom and peace.

By peace, I mean tranquility, send me a sleepy dart, treat me like a lion, ROAR, girl wear my foreskin on her back side a worst next of kin for the enterprise, women cannot be in power and neither can frogs, the next generation is an abundance of logs, you like photography, nobody cares when you share your home videos in despair, repair your video camera to shoot more, in the future even more media will be stored, when you visit your library be selective, don’t check out a book that don’t look perfected, the hectic items available is discussed on reddit, but you fed it too many words and now it’s drowned in your septic fluid excretion, incepting druid illusions, no magic just spastic misconception on how the world works, be best if it works it, let’s wait for the sun to send it a message of harassment, the planet’s too white on one side too black on the other, my racial profile has been discovered, abort the test and begin for real, I won’t take that sleeping pill unless I’m sleepy, stay with me gravity because I dreamed of flying, I hate myself to the point of writing another verse to this pointless rap, situation worst I will not last


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