Download Flightgear 2.12 with Regional Scenery, sorted aircraft and a complete installer

[Scenery 2.0 has been released! This torrent is now obsolete and will no longer be seeded.]

Download it here Or the torrent file


(From the Flight gear 2.10 Gallery)

I must admit that I shouldn’t take too much credit for this.

Flightgear 2.12 was developed by the Flightgear team’s hard work, whom I have 99% respect, yet nothing to do with. Yet for some reason, they have made installing Flightgear’s scenery and aircraft a tad hard to figure out by not providing a bittorrent version of the installer that includes scenery and aircraft, perhaps to motivate the purchase of the official DVD set. No problem there, I’m sure my homebrew batch file installer is no match for the official DVD set, especially since the batch file itself is PC exclusive (the scenery and aircraft data files, rest assured, are not).


(modified image of the one in the Flightgear scenery download page showing the distribution of scenery in the regional files of my torrent)

But I have also split the scenery roughly by their continents (I am not a geographer), and split aircraft by their model build quality as rated on the flightgear website. The archives in which scenery and aircraft are in are easy to install and add to an existing installation, which makes for a fairly painless process. This is of course also the first 2.12 torrent to hold all of the files needed for the installation of flightgear, both on PC and Mac.

So naturally, this makes it the most viable solution for installing flightgear, especially for the first time user. So go ahead and download the torrent file, or go to the tpb page for the torrent.

Update: after doing a force recheck, there appears to be some missing pieces to the torrent. Get it here

If you appreciate my work, please click on both of the above links for me 😉

I have decided to continue making these packages when 2.14 comes out, so stay tuned for more.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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