Establishing a brand image on children


I have a subconscious brand loyalty towards Asus. I don’t own a lot of Asus products aside from a motherboard in my custom built desktop, but I am subconsciously inclined towards buying the Asus product. Given the same electronic with the exact same specs and functionality and price from Apple, Dell, Acer and Asus, I would undoubtedly choose Asus.

Why? Because of a simple product placement in a 1997 kids film called Home Alone 3. Which happened to be shown to an extremely impressionable 11 year old me.

Home Alone 3 is essentially about a kid booby-trapping his house to defend a missile guidance chip from the reach of bad guys. No I didn’t start booby-trapping my house aside from the occasional attempted fart bomb, but I did learn something about what is good silicon. And guess who’s got their shiny ass engraved on that silicon? Asus.

Under the connotations of a chip being missile guidance and therefore high quality, I therefore assumed that Asus made high quality shit used in government, which of course was probably true to some extent, but the point is at least to one person, the product placement paid off with long lasting effects that I – to this day – and despite knowingly feel – cannot deny.


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