Tediously Sentimental

Tediously sentimental, I work hard to remember

How my settlements, suffer from false alzheimers

Let’s just get it out of the way, say that nothing is real

my channel was guaranteed to gain mass appeal

They lied, momma I was right, they lied

the cure was false and the guinea pig died

Continue my experiments on another slave, buy

Fond of new people, greet and say, hi

You alright here from your long boat ride?

Or was it a plane? Russian slave trade is funny, like

I will find you and I will kill you

Google search, and task manager too.

The real badasses however, are probably invisible

Publicity diminishes the efforts of the hero

when people are always trying to get the first picture

when the superintendent’s receiving the big picture

To share on the internet, man the internet

No better place for excitement than the negative of it

cause everyone is just negative, it’s their pejorative

to ensure that you feel bad for your anonymous

persona, so release your aroma

on the unsuspecting folks to give them a coma

and rob them, steal their wallet a lot then

kill them in their sleep, macbeth doth murder sleep

but my name is, if I knew I won’t weep

when girls drain my cum like a fucking leech

In my dreams, they just drain my blood

tormenting me with distant vision of lust

those curves, girl you got those curves

so seductive it could land me in jail or worse

so a virtual reality is how I immerse

limited polygons, the life of a geek is a curse

So I’m tediously sentimental, working hard to remember

the read speed of my brains halved overnight for her

she’s somewhere else now, funny thing they all are

please ask them out, or should I raise the bar?

I would rather erase my heart, become a set of stone

a phallic symbol can’t be arsed to function as one

function as the real thing, everything about me stinks

junction in the intersection it’s a good day to die me thinks

so bring it on, all the cars in the world bring it on

ring it on, the death message phone for my mom

tell her its her fault, and blame my dad too

put my corpse in a vault, and give the keys to the blue

sky or the sea, why don’t you do as you please

but if you pick wrong then I’ll rape you in your dreams

ha ha, choices or no choice it’s all imminent bring it

so if there’s melody in your voice then go on and sing it

sing the songs of the torture, tell the tales of the love

tell the tales of the twin towers crumbling from above

and how the quakes they shake you without your permission

and how the firefighters how they died on their mission

and ask for an intermission you’d probably receive one

and book an incision at the doctor’s and it’ll be fun

a rerun of one of life’s old episodes

I found it in the bargain bin, insignificant reload

trick me with a sea load of a spiraling eagle

plummeting hawk, disabled wings and shell shock

hammering thought, give me a hummer in my hummer truck

but I don’t own a hummer truck, so dry dick

and dry balls my sexual life is terribly unfit

so shit, I commit suicide in the toilet

and voice it, my opinion is, its worth it

to remember.

Tediously sentimental, I live in the forget

Memorizing null answers for a broken test

(c) Eric Yan 2013 All Rights Reserved


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