Please read in 50 cent’s voice ;P
Also no offense intended…

Chauvinist – by Eric Yan

I hate women, I'm a chauvinistic pig
Im scared of em, scared that they'll suck my dick
Here comes a girl so young and pretty
she hot and burn my face like bad Acne
soak my head in water clean the cum off me
Is that a vagina, bitch that so dirty
Im scared, those lips look like they're gonna eat me
Walk towards me, I'm scared for my pee pee
Mount yourself on me, now you're on top
You're in control, and I can't make you stop
keep going- keep going, keep showing- keep showing
You have two dairy refinaries while I only one sperm thing
Between my two legs, visually unpleasant
While your two titties they shine like heaven
Everyone pursues you, you lead their asses too
I can't get a lamb to come after me if I had edible greenery
Like a ghille suit, you blend in with elegance
I stick out like my bad penis, uncontrollable erection
When I look at you, that is a rad influence
With your good looks and your body bitchin
bitch get your cunt back in the kitchen
Tryin to cook it with gas, stuff it in my face and queef
I didn't ask for this, I told you I wanted some beef
Where is it, this is all a conspiracy
When she tries to commit semen piracy
It's mine, my dick glue is mine
You can't have it, my spit gets to you in time
But yeah, you have a brain
apparently, yeah you are insane
I'm scared of you, I dare you to hit on me
If I slap you back, will society jail me?
Probably, girl you should be weak
Yet you're strong and its wrong that you lift more groceries than me
I'm a chauvinist, I smack it then I try to kiss
Objectify you as a human sex doll, this
is how I do it, I choose my ignorance
I hold a hateful stare in an unstable stance
You may push me off the cliff, I'm in a bad spot
I'm in you,  in constant danger, and seems like you're not
I try to get a job, get the boss to pay you less
But every mother sees you as a damsel in distress
You in your short short panties go put on a dress
When you dress more, I like you less
You're an ornament, so look the part
And steal not my money, just my heart
Repay me with household chores, clean my farts
Wipe my dick with your mouth, in your car
Your broom wielding techniques are hella respectable
I hate it when you're appreciated
The value of your face should depreciate
As you get older, your flesh is all that matters
Nobody cares that you have a mother and father
Prostitution, pornography, I'm addicted to your empowerment lady
Your curves are so aerodynamic, you fall on my dick so quickly
I'm scared, you might drop a cherry bomb on me
break my motherfuckin heart, barge in
like you own the place, siezing the thing
That's an ambitous career, bitch
Scatch my back not knowing you planted the itch
Massage me, soften up my meat for consuming
You just an angry vessel of hostility
Once a month, you make me put on my ear plugs
Adrift with you, I don't need a calendar
You're always on time, I'm always late
falling victim in captivity, cursing the bait
You're not underage yet I still feel jailed
Probably because you aren't. Treat me well
You don't treat me at all, you distance from me
So far away, I can't possibly worship your pussy
So I hate my god, and I only sacrifice a lot
just to see you suffer at the hands of another
So I hate women, I even hate mothers
hate them for giving birth and deciding not to abort
I am just a product, I hate my maker
So I keep my phalli close to me
Only to display it in contempt
Of the perfume, the pheromones, the scent
Whenever girls interact with me
Their screams scare the crap outta me
Their franting movement is terrifying
But I think I'll calm one eventually
I hate women, so I kill their illogical nature
By trying to treat them nicely.
For every disease there is a cure.
Told you I'm a chauvinist, baby


(c) Eric Yan 2013 All Rights Reserved


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