“Focus groups tested high interest…”

top girls


New Message Recieved! From Anonymous

Dear Sir/ Madam

I noticed your Youtube videos are not getting a lot of views

Now I know for you uptight drama people internet fame is not a top priority, but there are benefits to getting more views.

This is not a scam, there are no strings attached, because I’m gonna let you in on the answer right now:

Our super specialized focus groups tested high interest for a set of cock and balls with a condom half applied, spewing some random crap in a lady voice during a serious social commentary drama, because we have calculated that some insignificant blogger will soon share that video since he finds it hilarious, and this way your thousands of views will become 1000000000000000 views.

Thank you for your time. Trust me, this IS the formula for successful internet video

I know what you’re thinking – you’re an uptight drama person. So do it discreetly as to not offend your movie goers. Pass it off as artistic commentary. You’re doing the right thing.

Sincerely and with <3, Anonymous


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