New Album: Yan D Eric Rap Program

DOWNLOAD The Yan DERP AlbumAlbum Cover

As some of you may know, one of my hobbies is recording music, and that makes today a very special occasion, as I am releasing an Album, the Yan D. Eric Rap Program, or the Yan DERP in short.

This is the fruit of that hobby. Half a year of leisurely spitting into my equipment will produce what I produced – 10 ish songs (two are recycled from my past recordings. but since you’ve never heard them so it doesn’t really make a difference)

Contents include bad singing, moderate rap lyrics and mediocre rapping. But the fact that I am releasing it means that at least it meets my own incredibly low standards.

So go on and download the album from the link above! Be sure to give me some feedback via either private or not so private channels, and I will appreciate it 🙂


One thought on “New Album: Yan D Eric Rap Program

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