Kids don’t owe their parents jack shit

How many times have you heard the phrase “you ungrateful little bastard”?

When I was young, I was taught that everyone was born with sin. I was taught that the very first sin was hurting my mother when I was born, and that I had to repay her in being a good boy.

Really though now that I think about it, I didn’t ask to be born. I wasn’t a conscious entity deviously floating in the air, scheming to bring 9 months of pain and headaches to some Chinese couple, no. I was born because My parents wanted kids and decided to fuck for it. That automatically puts the responsibility of me entirely onto them.

Because they wanted a cute little person who would grow up to take care of and love them, they selfishly brought me into this cold, cruel world and therefore it was fully their responsibility to make sure I grow up to be a happy self-sustaining human being. NOT mine. The debt, if any, is on the parent.

You may think I’m some immature little shit taking the kid’s side and telling them to rebel against their parents and while the latter may be true the some extent, I’m not really taking anyone’s side aside from my own. I hate kids. I began hating my younger sister ever since she turned 5 and learned to be an asshole, just as I hated myself every-time I realized I was being retarded. No, kids are annoying little fucks.

No parents, I’m not siding with you either. Kids are annoying little asshole fucks who grow up to be regular assholes and it’s 100% your fault.

While this sounds like evil Dystopian future fiction or some horrible sci-fi comedy sketch, it is my humble opinion that while we can’t have perfection, parents should at least get screened to ensure that their genes are going to produce a 90% decent intelligent healthy good looking human being so that ugly retards don’t exist.

Secondly, and this goes without saying, parents should ensure that they are adequately prepared – both financially and emotionally to bring up a child. If I were a child, nothing would piss me off more than being a poor piece of shit who lives in a broke ass home with parents fighting constantly.

Finally, parents should find out exactly how to bring up their children for desirable results.

I am a firm believer in scientific determinism – cause and effect. Specifically, with the proper conditioning every child can be brought up to be a decent person. Note this does not automatically mean “the best school” or the oh-god-no “religion”, because the best school is a custom tailored child raising plan that takes into account every single factor of the child to determine the best way to raise him. There is a “best” educational system (as in there’s always a best of everything), but that generally results in a percentage of failures, and no parent wants to have a failure.

You know when parents complain that their kid turned out to be a piece of shit after they “did everything right”? Well obviously NOT, you GODDAMN FAILURE, if you DID do everything right then right now I wouldn’t be failing classes now wouldn’t I? Ways to raise children are like clothing variants, and no ten sizes fits everyone perfectly. You picked shit clothes for me, it’s your fault.

“You brought this onto yourself!” No, I wasn’t an asshole dad, I didn’t give birth to me and raise me the way you did, you made me make my choices until it was irreversible, how the fuck does it make it my fault?

Kids don’t owe their parents anything, because if they turned out all right then it just means the parents did what they’re supposed to do. Kids don’t have to respect or even like their parents, and they certainly don’t have to be grateful if their parents raised them less than perfectly. In fact, if a parent did raise a kid properly then the kid would be grateful. If he even has a reason to not be grateful, then you’re a failure, MOM.

That being said, while a person doesn’t owe his parents anything, he does owe it to himself to treat himself right. Spite of parents is no reason to shit all over yourself, there are other ways to hurt their feelings for some good ol’ fashioned emotional vengeance. And if you actively want to hurt your parent’s feelings then they probably do deserve it.

On a personal note, while I do despise my parents not raising me to have the body of a burly jock nor the intellect of an Einsteinian nerd, I would say this: I wouldn’t give up the current me for a million bucks. Although I could do with a faster brain, muscular build and some additional knowledge such as ALL THE KNOWLEDGE IN THE WORLD.


24 thoughts on “Kids don’t owe their parents jack shit

  1. My friend, maybe you don’t realize it but the fact that you have reached the conclusion that you actually DON’T owe your parents JACK SHIT does make you an Einstein, kind of. Why, you ask? Well, think about it, you have the vast majority of the sheeple out there deifying their parrrunts -especially their mothers- for “giving them life” and they think they owe them a lot for it but it seems it’s totally lost on those stupid fuckers that it was their parents’ decision to bring them into this life, NOT THEIRS (the children’s). You don’t really need to be a genius to figure that if you never asked to be born, why do you owe your parents anything? It’s not like we were locked up and tortured somewhere in the outer space begging for some holy vagina to deliver us from that torture and into the safety and comfort of life (being sarcastic about that of course as as you know life is closer to hell than anything). But the so-called intelligent race fails to realize this simple fact, which if anything proves we’re far from being anywhere near intelligent. Also, the average sheep is subjected to constant brainwashing and indoctrination from the moment they open their eyes about how they should worship, respect and feel indebted towards their parrrrunts for giving them life blah blah blah. And again, us being as dumb as sacks of rocks we just nod and agree that yeah, we somehow owe our parrrrunts for bringing us into this world, never mind that we might be suffering every minute of our lives (most people are in fact suffering every second). Never mind that we might be cursing the moment we came into this world…..but yeah, we owe the selfish fuckers -especially mothers- for “giving us life”, even though millions commit or attempt to commit suicide (because of the misery and hell they inherited from their parrrunts).

    And no, we don’t owe them jack fucking shit for taking care of us or providing for us either – that is if they actually do that in the first place but most don’t or barely do. Again, it was their decision to bring us into this world -SO THEY CAN SATISFY THEIR DESIRES AND WANTS OR SHOW US OFF OR MAYBE USE US IN FARMS like animals, or the rest of all the sick and selfish reasons that sheeple give for having childrrrrun- but yeah, it was their decision, which means they damn well SHOULD AND MUST TAKE CARE OF AND PROVIDE FOR US….AND THEY SHOULD NEVER EXPECT NOTHING BACK FROM US. Their decision, their responsibility. Do they expect someone else to take care of the children THEY CHOSE to bring into this fucking miserable world? (I forgot but many moms do- the welfare cows). I mean, you adopt or buy a pet, you take the responsibility of taking care of it and providing for it, forever. Right? So, shouldn’t creating a whole new life be the same? You created this life -for selfish reasons- so you’d fucking better make sure you provide for it not until he/she is 18. NO. It should be forever.

    But again, sheeple don’t think. They just follow.

    And that’s why whether you realize it or not, you are in fact an Einstein if you compare yourself to the average dumb sheep out there.
    Congrats from an anti-natalist who also feels the same way- I DON’T FUCKING OWE MY PARENTS JACK SHIT, and if anything it’s them who owe me for giving me this miserable life of suffering when I never asked for it. I hope they burn in eternal hell forever.

    • True. Why do we need to respect to people that fucked without using contraception? I was depressed since childhood. I wish I was never born. I told my mothur I don’t owe you shit for putting me here in this evil world, I wish you never did. It is hell. I want her and my father to feel the torment that I feel. If it is hell, so be it. I just want them to mentally-suffer.

      • That was exactly what my childhood was like. I feel exactly the same as you do. Except I endure it silently. I only talk to my parents in occasion and stop meeting them for about a month when I emotionally struggle as I just want to kill myself when I have to sit there and explain.

  2. Yes, yes, yes a million fucking times YES!
    I try to have a better relationship with my parents, but nothing is ever fucking good enough. For my entire life my dad has only very rarely been emotionally available, or just pretends to care. Oh but once my grades took a nose dive now it’s time to get pissed, guilt me, and put pressure on me, because fuck actually trying to help me before I got stuck in a pile of shit. And of course they’ve always ignored what my teachers said about me, because since they “birthed me into this wonderful world” they know how exactly what’s in my head and how I feel emotionally.
    And even though you spoiled me when I was younger doesn’t justify your obvious dis-interest in my thoughts, emotional well being, and future.
    And by the way, dad, please stop thinking that you’re better than everyone else.
    There’s some issues with my mom but honestly she’s not too bad and I’d feel bad about talking shit for her like this, but my dad has just been refusing to reason with and understand me.
    What I’d like most in the world is to salvage our relationship and be able to say that I’m satisfied with my upbringing, but that might just be a lost cause at this point.

    Anyway, I just can’t thank you enough for what you said here, it really made me feel better about the situation I’m in.
    By the way the rest of your blog looks great here too. I saw your “about” page and I agree with a lot of the things in it, some others not so much, but that’s good, you’re able think outside the usual shit that these reactionary and elitist forces want people to believe.
    Anyway, you can consider your blog to have one new reader.

  3. I get the same lines each time i try to ”rebel” against my parents ” you little bastard be grateful we even decided to fuck in our bed and try to make you” but everytime i say ” I didn’t ask to be born” then I’m kinda afraid they might stone me or something, I do agree with you since many times when I study for the exams my parents interupt me with that same frown on their face, true we don’t own them jack shite

  4. You are correct. I just love when my parents would ask me help with a bill of theirs. When I say yes all is dandy. When I say no they do the guilt trip say how selfish can you be we need help. Don’t you like a roof, food, got water, and ext. One reason why I havnt blown my head off is cuz I don’t want to be selfish. I know standing over my grave they would say how dare you Lee. How dare you make us feel this lose. You were only thinking about your pain what about our pain. Even years ago when I was 20. They had me buy my dead bros house even tho I said no I could afford it. And they talked my other bro to cosign just so it’ll look better on paper but none of his income when to the house. I said no again and again. The kept demoralizing me. Downgraded me. Told me they knew what’s best. We been alive long. I succumbed, well hey we are all brought up thinking our parents know best right? I run out of all my savings keeping it afloat. Had to quit college to work more. Fast forward a bit I lost the house and had to move back in with them. 8 year of my life gone and $90000 gone. Should I be looking for a house now not when I was 20

  5. Absolutely true. I will be child-free by choice for life. This world is a miserable shit hole. I curse the day I was brought into it.

    • Nahuel, if we are pieces of shit you should go and get a job and find a place to leave. Try to make a life for yourself instead of reading stupid blogs all day and complaining about nothing… are almost 18 years old young little man. If you don’t like our rules because we ask you to wake up in the morning and we ask you to finish your high school so you can go to college, it is for your own good…..You know that you are free to go. Nobody is holding you back.

      I am so tired of hearing you complain when you do not wake up earlier than 2-3pm (sometimes later than that and we call you thousands of times), you do not go to school, you do not help with any chores and you do not put any penny in this home….

      Your dad and me, both, have loved you since the very first moment. We were teenagers at that time (18 & 19) and we did everything we could to give you a good life and the a good childhood. We have been always there for you. So stop complaining, think about your childhood, think about your present and look at my face and tell me that we did not care about you and that we were shitty parents to you…

      When I was your age I was not complaining about how bad my parents were, I did what I needed it to do to gain my independence…the question is…what are you doing to gain yours?

      By the way, this is my laptop….and you should not fall asleep with these stupid things open. 🙂

      With love,

      • Of course, had he never been brought into existence he would not need to meet the strenuous obligation of gaining independence. It is therefore understandable that one would be indignant towards obligations that they did not choose themselves.

        Also, it has become considerably more difficult to gain independence. Unemployment is higher, college costs more, cost of living is worse, housing is more expensive. It is therefore unfair to use your own transition to independence as an example considering it was much easier to own a home say, 20 years ago. Times have changed. The prospects for university graduates are not the same as they once were.

        • Philosophy Dude,
          You don’t know nothing about me or the way I was raised, so you should not make conclusions if you are in the dark about something. Secondly, the world is world since it was created. Humanity always suffered because of something…do you think this is the fist time unemployment is high or college is expensive? do you think this is the first time is hard to be independent? You should read more about history, talk with older people that is a referent for you and/or you should have friends from outside of the US to know a little bit more about other countries and the things people struggle with every day. Responsible and hard working people still find their way up disregard less of all the bad things that surrounds them.

          Teens/young adults like you can keep complaining about their parents bringing them into this world and blame everyone else because of their problems or they can start taking responsibility and own their own life. In some point in life people need to stop complaining and start doing something. If you choose to take responsibility, work hard and own your life I guarantee you, you will succeed in everything you do.

          If you do not where to start you need to be economically independent, so get a job, study, go to a community college to get the first two years done (you will save a lot of money) from there you can transfer to a 4 year college. Hard work will take you far.

          Nahuel, for example, because I was “a piece of shit” finished his high school and now he is into college. He also got a job over the summer and was able to save a good amount of money. He still have a lot of things to work on but I am sure he will find his way. He is a good kid, just a little bit stubborn sometimes.

          I was never busy for my son and I believe I raised my kid right. I did what I needed to do provide for my kid (and I was probably your age, 18?) He was my priority since he was born. The thing is sometimes you kids won’t go in the right direction disregard less of how much we try. Don’t forget that you make your decisions after certain age and also don’t forget that friends are a huge influence. My friends were a big influence on me too, but depends on the kind of friends you have you can be lift higher or get stuck in resent.

          I hope you are all finding you way in life and if you have parents that you don’t get along with don’t flame them, they might have their own stories too. Usually, we as parents try to do the best we can and still do a lot of mistakes.

          Trust me, most of the times, the relationship gets better over time. And if doesn’t get better, learn from it and try to do not repeat it with your own kids in the future. Now, I understand things about my mom, that I did not understand at a young age. I appreciated her more after I was mom. Today, there are things that I do not understand, but she is not here anymore. With my dad I still don’t get along sometimes, but because I forgive him I don’t blame him anymore and because I earned my independence long time ago, I don’t deal with him that often. Sometimes distance is the best thing to do.

          I hope my input help you in some way.

          • I think if life is so terrible you should look into some nice form of suicide. Seriously. The world is overpopulated, and not getting any less so.

            You could overdose really easily now, with all the drugs so readily available and cheap out on the street. You could sit in the garage with the door closed running the car, nice and quiet, no mess. So many ways to end a life.

            If you sincerely do not want to have to participate or feel obligated to do shit you don’t want to to be alive in this world, then end it. You could even do the hero routine, and go to Syria or somewhere dangerous to help people who want to live. You will likely get killed on this humanitarian mission. I vote you do this 🙂

            Hell, you can also just leave and wander off and find shit you like to do and not be a part of the system, but that takes brains and courage, and it sounds like there is not a lot of that necessarily happening at this party. This is where people come to cry.

            Teach those shitty parents a lesson: kill yourself so they will feel bad forever. It guarantees your parents being punished for having you, and it ensures you won’t breed yourself. Win-win, right?

      • One way or another his mom fucked up. Admit it, mom was busy doing other shit instead of raising her kid right.

  6. Parenting is the only endeavor where if you fuck up you can simply what you made(in this case the kid) rather than yourself.

  7. Agree with ‘Mom’, being a mum…yeah i had a pretty shit upbringing, having no desire to become a parent, due to my childhood and the world we live in or are creating due to our selfish and destructive ways, but I did at 40…My son is topping his grades, and hopefully he will endure to gain what he desires…I have laid the foundations, but am no way claiming his successes.
    I am a ‘freedom fighter’, so yes being independent for most of my life, made me feel hamstrung, also due to my son’s father having very little input, causing conflict, struggle and resentment, and yes no doubt our bad behaviour has left it’s mark; he can use it to not repeat our mistakes, and I am sure there will be residue of criticism, as he is exhibiting now.
    But for what it is worth, I know he will turn out OK, we are not that bad as humans; my qualities of caring and protecting the environment, being switched on with global issues; politics shaping the destination of human existence is out of the hands of most, voting/protesting is pretty ineffectual as governments and big business do what they want, lulling us into a false sense of security, resulting in this anarchy being played out in the average family home; keeping the masses ignorant, powerless and under control.
    So be rebellious, and do not feel you OWE your parents, but try to understand we/they are caught up in this; society’s expectation, cultural mores and overall the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in.
    Easier said than done, but try to look at the good and beautiful things in life such as nature, our ‘soma’ for all the wrongs that our species has perpetuated, surround yourself with positive things and people, (have been down the road of self abuse with drugs and alcohol furthering lowering my self esteem), in other words don’t wallow in self pity, there is most likely someone worse off than you; (poor bastard : ) ! ), and be thankful that you are probably better off than what you are claiming.
    It is only when you step into another’s shoes than you truly understand; as said having babies is easy, parenting is a skill and huge responsibility, in shaping our society, but with 7.5 billion humans and rising we are facing a crisis of dysfunction and nobody is reigning it in.
    So in other words, we are all in deep shit; try to be one of the ones to dig ourselves our of this mess.

      • Other than feeding, clothing, sheltering and caring for your NEEDS, nope. They don’t owe you fuck-all.

        If you have a problem with being alive, there is a really easy solution to that. As they say, get off the cross, we can use the wood.

        This whole thread just seems like a pack of whinging babies who feel they got a raw deal and now they can’t get over their own bitterness. Well, guess what? You can carry that bitterness, to your own punishment, or you can deal with your ego and insecurity in this world and move on.

        You don’t owe anybody anything, but likewise, nobody owes you anything.

        People fuck. Kids get made. Most of them by accident, and the way the government is going, people will have less of a choice to follow through, not more. Though men can still get their dicks snipped and also use a damned condom. I can’t see why anyone would want kids. Many parents did not. It has to been so long since people could make choices, and people dissuade others from choosing to abort which is bullshit. Abortion is often the kinder thing.

        But seriously, the people crying in here sound like teenagers, and we all know very little makes them happy. Hence our newfound trans cult where everyone is in the wrong body and the world must now accommodate that mental bullshit.

        There is one law: NATURE. It will eat you alive. Deal with it. Your parents are like all the other organisms that breed, from bacteria to monkeys. and the parents only obligation is whatever hardwiring has them programmed to work to ensure your best chance at survival. You gotta fly at some point. No one is obligated to carry you from cradle to grave.

        I had shitty parents who did not want kids, but they met my needs, and i am fine.

        Don’t be a professional victim. It is quite literally the most useless and revolting type of person. Then to see those types grow up to have kids, it never ends. Because a lot of people in this thread will do just that. At least I opted out.

        • Let’s discuss this existential angst people are hiding behind in here.

          People, plants, bacteria, everything reproduces. Other than human beings, how many of the offspring of any living thing bitch and howl about what their parents owe them? Nothing. Just people.

          So, perhaps there is something divine in us, perhaps not. If there is, are you serving your higher self by wallowing in self pity and shit all day? What does it serve?

          You are no happier for it.

          If you could rise above what you think the world owes you and realize none of us chose to be here and it just is what it is, then maybe you can find your way to ask why you feel all this misery and what you can do to stop feeling it.

          It all comes down to ego and insecurity. It really does. If you want to argue this point, please go read up on ego and insecurity, and be honest with yourself about your own. I love a good debate, so am delighted to hear you counter this. I am also pretty well-versed in existential writing if you care to wallow there.

          You can ask “why” all day long. If you are so smart, go look for answers.

          So many people have a shitty start in life. Humans do not choose the ability to make kids. It is built in. You can get knocked up when you are like 11 or 12 in a lot of cases, and rape is prevalent, so you can’t stop breeding.

          I see everyone here has access to internet and computers, so I am gonna assume you are not out turning tricks in some 3rd world alley? Ironically, kids turing tricks in a 3rd world alley don’t bitch as much as the people here. Check your 1st world privilege.

          • oh wow
            firstly, I am FOR reproductive rights. ok, maybe not for reproductive rights technically, but definitely for the right to not reproduce
            secondly, living things don’t want to die, that’s why the only humane way is to never make them in the first place. “kill yourself so they will feel bad forever.” I literally say don’t hurt yourself to spite parents.
            thirdly, that you bring up 3rd world kids as if – what? there will always be people who have it worse, doesn’t change the fact life is shit. same logic as “get over being raped, that other person got murdered”. And btw, 3rd world people too busy surviving to think is a problem, thats why they make dumb decisions like reproducing like rabbits during a famine, or allowing missionaries to brainwash them, that they don’t bitch as much as people here is testament to their strife, not their intellect or wisdom.
            fourth, animals and cells cannot stop breeding. thankfully people grew brains, and we can choose to counter aspects of ourselves that conflict with our own wellbeing, such as using contraception to satisfy evolutionary drive without the shitty consequences. Again, that animals don’t know their biology is acting against them isn’t a testament to them having a ton of brainpower.
            five, I am not wallowing in self pity. I simply saw a comment I disagreed with and decided to correct the record. professional victim, I fucking wish.
            six, “Other than feeding, clothing, sheltering and caring for your NEEDS, nope. They don’t owe you fuck-all.” need is just a relative state of want. the concept of reparations is about righting wrong, and since children were in a painless state prior to existence, then children are owed a painless existence. realistically, this is obviously unachievable, but that is what is owed according to conventional notions of desert.
            seven, why do you equate pointing out kids don’t owe parents jack shit with inaction? I am pro-contraception, and pro-other policies that make people’s lives better.
            eight, you act like you have some profound concerns, but really you’re just trying to paint people in this thread as ungrateful whiny teenagers who bitch about the parents buying them the wrong car to feel good about yourself. Well uh guess what, a car is a big purchase and no place for surprises – you really should discuss it with your teenager before buying them one.

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