Misogyny complaints on Redshirt – Ugh, Really?

Warning slight spoilers to the video game redshirt.

So apparently in the game Redshirt which is a space facebook simulator in which you play a meager redshirt (a throwaway character in typical sci-fi films), if you choose to be a smokin hot alien lady redshirt (which the game actually specifies is a race of ladies that constantly gets “horribly objectified”) then you will receive constant harassing messages from npcs.

And this caused some problems with this lady who decided that she would have none of it, because of her uppity status as a harassment victim or something. She decided that “you are basically paying money to be sexually harassed”.

Now I’m not like, a bigot or anything, and hopefully I don’t come across that way but I just hate it when sensitivity becomes an issue that people use to judge products. Yes your classic catholic molestation jokes may bring back a choir boy’s unpleasant memories, yes making fun of the holocaust will get you dirty looks from your resident Jew, and yes a game about murdering brown people may not be the perfect game for a brown person victim of USAtm drone strikes, but that doesn’t make it a bad game, or even a bigoted game, does it?

Especially when a game that has sexual harassment in the context of comedic/satirical purposes, and when clearly it wasn’t the developer’s intention to encourage the behavior, then the problem lies not with the game but with you, as in it is a personal issue. Go be horrified and recover from your shell shock, but it most certainly isn’t “rape culture” as one of the tags suggests.

And it’s really not like the devs didn’t add in the option to tune the behavior down in the form of a “bigotry slider”, but really, games shouldn’t have to come with sensitivity warnings as the response from the devs is. If you have a problem with the game because it reminds you of your past, then perhaps you should stop living in the past. And really, this brings up another issue about consequences.

Really, if you don’t want pixel dudes hitting on your pixel character, then choose a character that won’t get hit on. Maybe in real life you don’t have a choice how you look or who you are, but in a video game you do, and if you want to look good especially in a social media where that sort of thing matters, then suffer the consequences.

Or maybe, change your attitude towards sex. It’s not like real life women don’t get harassed, and while the lacking of options to block harassment is a shortcoming of any social media real or simulated, it does not justify the level of hate this lady is expressing towards the game.

“you can post insults on their walls, but then they come back the next day and continue harassing you anyway”

then maybe posting insults on their walls wasn’t the best idea was it? You wouldn’t expect warm results from that action in real life, why would you expect that to work in a videogame?

“more so, when you insult these men, you actually lose points with other people. yes, you are punished for defending yourself from sexual harassment.”

No, you are not punished for defending yourself, you just lose points because while it is understandable to dislike stupid analogies such as “park my spaceship in your hanger”, it is also kind of un-cool to get your tits all riled up about it. And as I said, returning the insult was a stupid move and perhaps that is why the other pixel space people dislike you for it.

I’d be kind of annoyed too if a girl I knew was always just posting insults on harasser’s walls and being un-cool about it, and I imagine as a harasser (who is essentially trolling since you aren’t really expecting sex to come out of stupid innuendo) getting an angry reply could be kind of a turn on and incentive for him to keep playing.

“you are basically paying money to be sexually harassed.” (among other victimizations)

That is actually not too far from the truth.

In fact that is EXACTLY what you should expect if you choose the kind of character you chose in a game such as this. The redshirt experience is one of the victim – the galactic underdog’s poop cleaner so to speak. While the Captain is out getting her snatch humped by galactic studs, you’re the one getting the creepy looks from the insectoid alien from deck 13. And if you don’t like the humor or to (re)experience what it is like to be bullied then perhaps Redshirt is not for you.

(edit: Oh wow I realize the tumblr post linked was from november 2013. That’s like a century in internet years.)

edit 2: Okay I played the game Redshirt. As a game it isn’t particularly good or anything, but that is entirely due to gameplay reasons, not your stupid “MISOGYNY” complaints. Y’know, there are people who aren’t racist but use the word n*****, while there are actual racists who use the word under the guise of satire, and as a modern human being you just have to trust that people’s intentions are of the former.


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