Our very bright future

With the rate at which information technology is developing, as long as we don’t get hit by an asteroid or something, we should have a very bright future.


It is my opinion that everyone should be a “glasshole”. (source)

Google Glasses has caused controversy due to privacy concerns, because some people decided that cameras that take pictures on demand are scary. They’ve even coined a term for people who “abuse” the features of google glasses- “glasshole”. Some wonder, is this technology that can invade privacy a good thing? In the future, google glasses might even have x-ray vision, Yikes! Is that a good thing?

I’m sorry to say, but yes! Of course it is.

The guy who’s ancestor had the gun is chillin in his multimillion dollar mansion, meanwhile you’re on the streets holding a stupid sign, yelling stupid slogans and hoping someone will give a fuck (source)

You can’t stop the development of technology, especially due to “ethical concerns”, because historically we all know that white people were able to dominate Earth due to their possession of advanced technology. There is no way an entire society can unanimously agree to halt progression just because some old people were afraid of people staring at and saving pictures of each other’s tits (which sometimes we try to do in our minds anyway), because that would be retarded. And the society that does halt progression will simply be overtaken by those who continued progression, because let’s face it, modern technological advancement is ultimately a good thing – while everybody enjoys taking a stroll down the meadow every now and then, most of the time we’re actually trying to get somewhere, and your stroll is a terrible solution compared to the complex urban transporting system in that regard.

Consumer X-Ray vision is just one of the progressions to be made in the future of information of technology, because the natural evolution of information technology will be total information. And it’s not the 1984 “Big Brother” scenario where a single government watches over everybody (that’s probably bad, m’kay), but rather a situation where everybody knows everything about everything and everybody else. The ultimate conclusion is that nobody will be able to hide anything.

Of course that kind of openness won’t work in the current modern society, hell even I will have reservations about stripping in front of everybody, getting arrested for exposure being the least of my concerns, but development of information technology will force a cultural reform. Think about it. A few hundred years ago masturbation was “an act of evil”. Then it became this thing that happened but no one really talked about. Then, a subject matter for quietly “hush hush” and giggling, Then, it became a matter for mature discussion, for close people to do together and in the future people will be able to know, and even see total strangers masturbating and even that, knowingly ignore it because masturbation is just one of the many things that people do but currently condemn. I can see the same thing happening to the rest of our values over time. At the same time, people will become more open-minded in their actions, how this would turn out I don’t know but I imagine it would be quite a pleasant society once you get past your preconception. This may sound creepy and put you off, but in the future you will walk down the street knowing full well that someone you know (you know everybody, remember?) has reproduced a full recording of you down to the molecular detail, and you won’t mind a single bit, nor will you find it creepy because nobody has the upper hand and you have all his information as well.

Internet people don’t like surveillance, because then the government will know everything, including their acts of dissent and copyright theft. However the reality is, everybody breaks the law at one point or another. And the government can’t just go ahead and arrest everybody, because the government is part of everybody and without everybody the government wouldn’t exist. I am completely certain that every single hero in history has at one point broken a law or done something condemnable. But since the development of the mega x-ray tracking satellite which everyone will be able to access, the government will be forced to prioritize, and refine laws, least of which making it preventative and rehabilitative instead of for the purpose of punishment and emotional satisfaction in part of the victim’s vengeance. Of course, since everybody is watching and knowing about everybody else, people will be much more self-regulating and not commit actual crimes (such as killing etc).

And the people will know everything about the government, so the government can’t do the dystopian future thing where everybody acts like soviet Nazi thought police, nor would it want to, since it knows everything already just like everyone else.

Of course then it would change the way how we think and make decisions. Mao Tze Tung once said: “Knowledge is power” (and that’s why he spread education, but kept the good shit from the people), and that is true because the more knowledge you have the more factors you can to your decision making process and the more desirable your decisions and its outcomes will be. However the downside to too much information is that our meager 20 watt brains are not suited for logically processing the vast amounts of information the future has to offer (and even now), so we will HAVE to rely on computers to guide us. And trust me, we will like the results of following the guidance of a computer.

Take dating for example. I personally don’t have any dating experience being a nerd n all, but I imagine (this will assume the POV of a male but really it should apply to all genders) you start with a superficial impression- the way she looks, maybe something she said, pheromones, or maybe just you’ve known her for a really long time. Then you (perhaps subconsciously) weigh her pros and cons, or maybe you just straight out go for it, progressing gradually with each other, and before long “you’ve made a mistake” and are drowning in the pool of tears of a bad breakup.

In the future however, your integrated neural computer (computer embedded in your brain) will just straight up tell you if a girl is compatible or not based on her information and also based on your preferences – and it will know your preferences better than you do, and you will learn to trust it completely because the decisions it makes for you makes you so happy. In fact, the network of computers will be so precise it will know exactly when is the right time to introduce you to each other, resulting in maximum emotional satisfaction and other miscellaneous benefits during the process. And you will never make a mistake because it will know just how to manipulate you into doing the right thing – but in a comfy way that doesn’t make you feel weird or controlled.

Star Trek logic is retarded. Hurr-durr. (source)

At this point I just want to slap those people of the Star Trek mindset in the face. For those who don’t know, the Star Trek mindset is basically “this is computer, it is not human” and Star Trek episodes 99% end with “the human way” triumphing over supposed “logical way” in resolving conflict. Simply put, Star Trek writers are screenwriters who make popular content that is entertaining, but they in actuality don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Obviously in the future computers will obviously be suited much more to a person’s personal preferences than ever, and they won’t make judgments based on simple Starttrekian logic. No, your future computer has an all-round understanding of you, AND your emotions, AND your aspirations, AND how to keep you and everyone else happy (and probably healthy) for the rest of your life (and this includes making you depressed every once in a while if you get bored of being happy). The future computer will know you better than your mum and the FBI combined even if they put you under surveillance after you literally truthfully told them everything about you and even if they had mind-reading capabilities. The future computer will make ethics that will make everyone happy, future Skynet will not try to murder humans, rather it will be the man’s best friend that doesn’t piss on your couch.

In the future, people will be much less prejudiced assholes than they are now. One of the factors that incur hate is ignorance, for example we hate a murderer because we don’t fully understand his psyche and motivation and his skin color. We neither understand nor want to understand a murderer out of our prejudice, and that is a problem of current human beings. But since our future computer will keep us perfectly informed, we should have as much hate for anything as liquid water is a chunk of beryllium. In the future and depending on our cultural developments, the word n***** may be used commonly and it wouldn’t be because the world was taken over by ghosts.

And in the future, I have full faith that religion and all the jihadist baggage that comes with it will be gone. Unless somehow science proves an omnipotent being exists, in that case I really hope it isn’t the Christian god because that guy is a fucking asshole.

And since future us will practically pretty much all have the same intellect and health thanks to the aforementioned neural computer that helps us think and various genetic enhancements that help us not die and true equality will be achieved, although we might still find something to enslave because humans like being dominant over things. Then again, future computer will probably find a solution that both completely satisfies our thirst for dominance and does not sacrifice anyone or anything else in the process.

You think current internet is unstoppable by anything other than a planet wide EMP blast? Future internet is resistant to even that – completely self sustaining, resilient in the face of everything. Yeah. I dunno how, but I’m confident someone will figure it out.

In the future there are no patents or copyright because all knowledge is free flowing. Artists and innovators and content creators – if any – will still be adequately compensated for their brilliance somehow, but they will no longer get to control who gets to have their intellectual property and who doesn’t. Education used to cost a lot of money due to costs involved in making books, and that there was no other way for one to learn other than for a teacher to teach. Digital multimedia has the potential to be the cheapest, most efficient and most universal form if enlightenment and entertainment around, copyright however takes that away, and that is why I like piracy when poor people do it (I also like compensating the creators when the affluent do it. Is that hypocritical?)

Finally, with patents and copyrights out of the way, everyone can build on everyone else’s work and technological advancement will increase dramatically.

If future computer could arrange for every single future person to literally hold their hands around the globe for once, it’d be pretty awesome. hell, future schoolkids would probably do that shit all the time just for the lulz. (source)

I might have gone a bit off track there, but these are my speculations of the bright future which we might be headed towards if we don’t become extinct before our time. While we might have to go through some hurdles to get there (such as non-thiestcidally eradicating all religion and getting over our fascination with our own genitals), I believe that ultimately humankind will be able to achieve true social harmony through the completion of information technology. While I still wish I wasn’t born at all, I also wish that I was born at least 3 centuries into the future.


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