When you think about it…

(Don’t worry, it’s fair use. In other news, ugh) (source-ish)


If you aren’t living in the rock n roll age (we aren’t), you’ve probably got this poem floating in your twitter/facebook feed with ppl being all like “dude, this is some good shit”. Praises raining like hail, and it shouldn’t be. i mad but not because i jelly.
The ONLY thing commendable about this thing is how it reads from bottom to top as well, although there is no secret to that technique, the format seems difficult, but is emulateable. (and if you re-read it, it doesn’t perform too well gramatically.)

I’m tired of snobby ass people (especially teens) saying things like “our generation xxxxxxxx”, that is a single-minded remnant of the past where miseducated retards broadly generalized everything and everyone, kinda like what they did to black people. But like black people, SOME of “our generation” are “good”, and SOME are “bad”, there is no catch-all descriptory for your simplified mind to cope with.

And I “like” how he criticized people who live for money and power, because that is exactly what his poem is probably going to gain him whether he likes it or not. I love how traditional values are all like “wanting money and power and luxuries is baaaaad, love and respect goooood” but then they reward those “good people” with exactly what they said was wrong, and then scratch their heads when eg. the good person turns into a giant dick due to precisely what he got.

“money and power” is an artificial enemy. “good love” and “bad greed” is a false dilemma. I’m gonna sound so repetitive when I say this, but life really is about living logical to achieve emotional satisfaction. we don’t “be good” because jesus or mum said so, but because maintaining social integrity is usually a good way to achieve satisfaction. Contrary to certain traditional values, you can’t really be satisfied if you’re piss poor and swimming in shit.


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