Ignorance Growth Maturity

Ignorance is the reluctance to make effort to leave your comfort zone for contact with the outside

Growth is traversing long distances to learn and explore the wondrous and variety the world has to offer

Maturity is not having to go the distance because the wealth of the world’s knowledge is at your doorstep 

(Technology can only improve this, actually the future “holodeck” (or whatever alternative we come up with) might very well be what saves us from global warming as the only benefit to physically travelling to a place is the novelty value, so huge pollution is saved in people not needing to travel as much)

Ignorance is the bland assumption that one gender or race is superior to the other based on stereotypes

Growth is finding equality in all genders and races in the understanding of them

Maturity is the realization that in a particular context, it has been statistically and scientifically proven that a gender or race is superior to the other

(sometimes due to the prior acts of ignorance – black people are poorer and therefore more likely to commit poor people crimes since they used to be poor because they were ensalved)

Ignorance is a dictatorship that blindly controls people based on the whim of a single irrational person

Growth is a democracy that attempts to allow everybody to rule everybody through compromises and appeasement

Maturity is a carefully, accurately and precisely formulated society that satisfies everybody and is resistant to corruption

(Given the completely correct laws and rules, a dictatorship should theoretically be much better than a democracy. A system that listens to every idiot out there will never achieve perfection, however it may hope to come close. And no I’m not advocating we rule people by Marxism or the bible, humans have yet to find a semi-decent method of ruling and that is why we have a loooooooong way to go before a political system similar to dictatorship becomes a good thing)

Ignorance is barbaric lack of concern for the environment, fellow human beings and the function of the world

Growth is exercising control and exploration, through theism, stability in society and knowledge gain in explaining the world

Maturity is realizing that enlightenment and societal stability can be achieved and even improved without evoking any mythical creation

(I’m not ruling out that religion was probably a necessary stepping stone for us to achieve enlightenment, we certainly took our time with it. However hopefully we’ve arrived at a point where we don’t need “god” to explain why coincidences, humans and the world happens. Religion has done its job tricking our retarded ancestors into semi-civilized behavior, at this point it can only hold us back.)

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