Testament to orbiting hands

Days fly

Movement through time

Going right by

Pay no mind

There’s a deadline

It’s flapping its wings on approach

Shoot it!

But too lazy to cock the gun

Undeserved further chances

Words curse the answers

Doesn’t have to make sense

Just try again

Sometime anytime

Down or up the line

Behind all the time

Morning is the sign

Mourning the times

Corn grows for mine

Do nothing like something

and something like coming

Getting up

Then sitting back down

Readjust a position

to never frown

No way to be content

Things change without consent

Sings drain all it meant

If it would stop happening

Rants talking pants pocket

It’s the moment lock it

Strained eye socket

Got an eye for things

But no purpose to the brain

Got to sigh and bring

Nothing for the pain

Shambles cannibals

Time eating itself


Negative effect

its never substantial

Never feel a thing

when it’s bleeding

Retrospective realization

of meaning

But there could be

a retention of memory

sensory information

sensitive to the burden

of cursing

the words show again

the sword swings again

asks a percent

cut it like an agent

the message sent

but will it go faster than sound

without verbs or nouns


by deaf, reject of blind

ticks to tock,

much to unwind

much to go

less to hold

use it up


explain to both

it wasn’t fault

answer to dominoes

could be caught

to rot


unable to feed it


movement ensues

deduce the cruise

continues to doom

demise the end

the wise demand

decisive plans

but no actions happen

because inside

the drive had died


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