Youtube and fradulence

Logged on to my youtube account to find that one of my videos which previously had a copyright claim now had no trace of it at all.
Interesting thing, because around two years back I downloaded a bunch of public domain music from a pd website, and there was one song I have used in multiple of my videos because it sounded good and it was completely free, supposedly. Of course it was credited to Frank Edward Nora who released a ton of free music for public domain called the New Midnight Cassette which he created using a music synthesizer system, so it was probably legit. Then again, there was a disclaimer on the website, anyway.
So only recently around march 2014, 3 of my videos – one of which was published janurary 2013 and already around a year old – received copyright claims that I had used apparently a copyrighted song by a Michael White. Now obviously I wasn’t getting enough views to make a meaningful income off the videos and they weren’t even monetized, but I was feeling funny so I submitted a dispute saying I’ve never heard of a “Michael White” from “The Orchard Music” nor the song “Small”, there is no trace of any of his music on the searchable internet, I got the music form a public domain website which was credited to Nora etc etc. I made the mistake of not making a screencap, not that it would have mattered.
However when I checked back a couple days later, the copyright claim had changed – without any indication. Instead of being credited to “Michael White”, it was now credited to a “John White”. That would make my dispute look like complete gibberish wouldn’t it? I looked around for a P.S. or edit or revision button, some way I could attach a note saying You Cunts Changed The Claim, but to no avail.
But I had two other videos with the same music and the same copyright claims, so I submitted a second dispute mentioning and linking to my first video and the distasteful deception that there was no indication the claim had been changed since the dispute was submitted, and that they could at least provide a snippet of the original song or some meaningful details to who was Michael White, where can I find his music, so I could verify by human that the claim actually was legit, etc.
Today, I check back and the claim on the second video (music is somewhere around 49 minutes in I think) is removed disappeared, playable and monetizable without any indication it had ever had a disputed copyright claim. The first video is still circumcised, and so is the third video.
Perhaps that is youtube’s way of apologizing – by erasing the evidence so that this anecdote could never be verified, and the cock up that is a altered copyright claim after a “legal” dispute had been submitted would forever remain a wild claim by some random internet person for the terminally bored to ponder as last resort entertainment. 
Perhaps it isn’t of monetary significance – 7000 views, 18 likes 12 dislikes 0 subscriber increase, assuming 100% advertisement clicks, is worth the nipple of a paraplegic flea fetus. Perhaps having an annoying notice on the video isn’t that big of a deal.
Perhaps I signed away all my rights into privileges the second I stepped breath into youtubeland, and it was my own damn fault if I wasn’t 100% in protecting myself and what I was getting into.
Perhaps Youtube and Google wasn’t a big internet company with almost 10 years of experience doing their thing, and this was the first time a copyright claim had been changed after a dispute had been submitted, so you couldn’t blame them for not being more transparent and leaving both the claims, disputes and revision histories visible. Perhaps big internet companies are allowed to do whatever they want, after all its their service you’re using. Perhaps their code crunchers are working their asses off to fix this issue right this moment, because perhaps programming Youtube with unwanted changes tested on focus groups of literal lab mice is easy but when it comes to this legal stuff and making it more honest, ehhh.
Perhaps ethics only matter when it matters.


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