Why is sexism still a thing

Saw this video reposted on facebook, just wanted to make a few comments on it and sexism in general.

The video begins by saying “can we stop treating women like sex objects”.

To me, that is a weird statement because women aren’t sex objects. Perhaps back in grandpa’s good ol days, but today’s woman is allowed to fully pursue her intellectual potential, and she isn’t a sex object except when she wants to be – its her choice.

Now, equality is a weird thing.

There is an age old lie perpetrated by society that women are these pure, beautiful, nice, obedient, virginal, motherly, gentle baby machines who bring men immense pleasure. That’s the lie perpetrated by society, and in doing so, the excess amount of virtues expected of women dehumanizes them into so-called sex objects. And then, men started treating women like shit because for some strange reason they couldn’t comprehend, women weren’t living up to their expectations, because in reality women are just men with vaginas, and men are just women with dicks. And like men, women are disgusting, because people are disgusting assholes.

In the knowledgeable parts of modern society, people should understand that, its no longer men treating women as sex objects, but men wanting women to be sex objects, but women are so much more. Men like sex objects such as prostitutes and porn, porn’s advantage over women is that they give men the sex without the human bullshit that accompanies a human being.

As society becomes more open and transparent, the sexist should be, and is more and more a dying breed.

Then the video condemns “nice guys” who do nice things for women and then expect sex from them. I view this problem a little differently. The problem is not these men trying to trade favors for sex, the problem is the men not being direct about it. Hey, its a free society – you should be allowed to trade anything for sex – cash, favors, love, niceness etc.

And while we’re on the subject, why is so much of an emphasis still put on sex in today’s day and age? I mean, obviously sex used to be a big thing because at least for a woman, it meant pregnancy and all the bullshit associated with having to raise a child, and so society was taught to value sex the way they do, and the excess amount of worth placed on the vaginal thrusting was sort of justified. Today however we have things such as contraceptives to prevent pregnancies, so logically all sex should equate to is orgasms, happiness and enjoyment. And there’s nothing wrong with enjoyment, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with sex.

By that train of thought, then rape – the forced action of sex- shouldn’t be all THAT much of a big deal, not because women are 2nd class citizens have no right to their own body and deserve to be treated like shit, but because sex just isn’t that big of a deal, and forced sex would be the equivalent of shoplifting. If society didn’t make women treat rape like the end of the world, then society wouldn’t be so obsessed with raping because the rapist wouldn’t feel nearly as empowered if the woman was begging and crying and all that. I mean rape is still wrong since forcing people to do stuff they don’t want is wrong, but not that much of a big deal. In fact, I have a theory that most of the sex crimes we hear about today are caused by society’s uptightedness about sex. If – say privacy was demolished – then peeping toms would no longer get the thrill of voyeurism – because peeping without secrecy would just be plain looking. And if they get off on the looking, then I mean really there’s no harm in letting them. Seriously, there is no logical justification for banning someone from looking, think about it.

Anyway. Nice guys who be nice for the sex. There is nothing wrong with “manipulating” as the video later describes them as, because whether we are conscious of it or not, everything we say and every action we do is done for the purpose of eliciting some result, and nice guys just showcase their niceness as a way of eliciting sex. The problem is not the manipulation, the problem is the deceit, because some backwards parts of society still have the idea that wanting sex is wrong, so nice guys try to hide their intentions when doing so. What the nice guy should do instead, is to candidly state that he is being nice because he wants sex, then let the girl decide for herself if she values his company enough to get laid for it.

The video goes on to say that women put up with so much shit from these harassment, and they deserve respect for it. No they don’t. Harassment is criminal behavior, DON’T put up with it! But this is less a problem with women and more of a problem with society, a society which judges upon whether an issues is important enough for action to be taken. Here’ s a rule of thumb: if the harassment makes you feel harassed, then you betcha its a good time to take action against it. Complain, report, go to a court of law if necessary. Anyhow, the attitude these bullying harassers take is not easily resolved, and its just sad. Certain unprogressive elements of society just gotta go, such as the conservatives.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that society needs to take a look at current cultural norms and practices in order to fully understand why rape culture is still prevalent. “rape culture” itself needs to stop being a thing. just as for racism to truly be gone, the idea of “racism” needs to stop being a thing.


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