How to spread atheism?

So, you dunk your religion into the history museum where it belongs with all the other unhealthy archaic crap, you’re an atheist.

You take some time to introspect, one final look to make sure that you didn’t just accidentally give up something awesome – a whiff of the organized superstition’s toxic wake still in the air, you sniff it and you’re certain.

Congratulations on choosing the logical decision.

but wait a minute.

Society at large is still religious in one way or another. Churches, government, influential people, even those of your family, they still believe in a supernatural being and are wasting their time and effort, as well as barring progression and limiting people’s basic civil rights in upholding it.

You think to yourself, wouldn’t it be great if they stopped believing in fairy tales?

Truth is, the atheist movement is already at its peak. In addition to the various organizations and societies as well as famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins, the atheist’s primary tool is the internet, in which the atheist voice is very prominent. So prominent in fact that it is off putting to the religious, and its only use is to stabilize the new-found unbelief of “newborn” atheists, because you can’t convert the completely faithful, and atheist media catered to atheists is just preaching to the choir.

Yet atheists have argued for years that atheism is not a religion, but the lack thereof. How do you promote something that is not?

The answer is, you don’t. Atheism thrives on putting down religion. The less religion, the more atheism. Without religion, atheism wouldn’t be a thing.

Atheists don’t have our own dogma, and the only thing remotely resembling the rules to which we live by is logic. But logic is not an atheist creation, logic is just logic, it just is.

However, there is one foothold atheists have over religion: Reality.

So really, the problem is not spreading atheism, but spreading reality. Every scientific advancement, every hint of reality, every bit of education and free thinking, is another point gained for atheism.

When we instill logical thought into people, when their awareness of reality reaches a point that it contradicts with their scripture, that is when they have to either make a choice – or live in hypocrisy.

With the advent of information technology in the easy interchange of information, of scientific advancement that time and time again shrinks the god of the gaps, advent of civil rights conflicts and increase in the openness of society, of real science being taught in schools that conflicts with the fiction learnt in church, it is only a matter of time before religion dissipates.

The spreading of atheism itself is a natural, passive and inevitable process. What you can actively do to help it, is by doing science and being real, as well as the spreading of knowledge, simple things like teaching kids logic, all will speed up the day which religion just dissipates, gone without resistance nor struggle.

What about your loved ones? You know, the ones that are here today?

Honestly, I don’t know. If you approach them purely logically then they are a lost cause, because the advantage religion has over atheism is that it get people on the emotional level. In fact, religion is like that exploitative manipulative man:

Man sees crying girl, man comforts crying girl, girl has sex with man.

In terms of religious conversion, that would be:

Religion sees person at all time low, religion promises person happiness, person becomes religious.

In order to convert the faithful to atheism, you have to fight fire with fire: catch them at an all time low, connect with them at an emotional level, and then later reinforce the new-found atheism with logic and rationality.

It is the sad truth that an emotional argument of fallacies is almost always more effective than a rational argument of complete logic, because people are humans and humans have feelings. Cater to the brain and prepare to be dissapointed. Cater to those feelings for best effect.


4 thoughts on “How to spread atheism?

  1. The problem with spreading atheism is that it doesn’t offer hope for the future. Reality is reality. The real world sucks, and there’s no realistic reason to believe it’ll get any better… and every logical reason to believe it’ll only get worse. THIS is what religion truly offers – the promise that no matter how bad it gets during life, things will become perfect after death. There’s no competing with this idea.

    • I’m probably an optimist then, because I truly think that the world would be this completely lovable place just a few centuries down the road, with the ever increasing tech advances etc.
      Certain ideals always try to paint the idea that the world is degenerating, but its not. The world is just becoming more honest about its problems, and the increased awareness of world problems is often confused with the increase in world problems. Acknowledging society’s problems openly is the first step towards fixing it, or perhaps even turning the problem itself into a solution.

      • Unfortunately tech advances do not improve people. What they do accomplish, though, are creating new and ever more effective ways of allowing one person to ruin the lives of an ever increasing number of people.

        I will concede that awareness of problems is increasing.Sadly, though, this increasing awareness is leading to an increasing acceptance of these problems as being “normal.” This is not a solution.

        This world would be a lovable place to live if it wasn’t for all the people. I agree with Agent Smith – people are nothing more than a virus on this planet.

      • One thing religion does offer is that in order to attain this perfect afterlife that they must follow rules that, generally speaking, encourage cooperative existence. Granted, there have been millions of deaths in the name of religion, but I maintain there’d be far more deaths if people weren’t worried about pleasing a supreme being.

        I’m not advocating either viewpoint, merely voicing my opinion of the differences I see between them.

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