The lesser of two evils

Christians often make the point that people should just accept Christianity and be glad it isn’t as bad as Islam.

As seen in this clip where these religious figures make the point to Monty Python that if they had made their blasphemous content in Islam (or in 400 years ago England, as Cleese points out), they would have been murdered.

And I’m like, WTF!

It seems that these Christians are able to be proud of such a thing as “not murdering”. “Not Murdering” isn’t a something that should be rewarded, “not murder” should be the fucking norm, don’t expect a fucking cookie!

Goddammit, Christianity, “We try to oppress gay rights and women’s rights and ban and bomb abortion clinics and rape little boys and ignore separation of church and state and we disrupt stem cell research but hey at least we don’t execute you for blasphemy! (even though we really want to)”

Don’t you know that being the lesser of two evils isn’t exactly a convincing argument for your cause? Holy shit!


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