Privacy necessitates stereotyping

Privacy protects us against prejudice and discrimination predicated on what is kept private.

You say that stereotyping necessitates privacy, but in fact it is privacy that necessitates stereotyping. Consider the myth that Jews kill christian children to prepare their jewish dish – the Blood libel.
You might use common sense and say “that can’t possibly be true, pfft” or you might use common sense and say “Of course they would kill children, they’re jewish, duh.” But you wouldn’t know for certain unless you personally knew a Jewish person.
With privacy gone however, you could just look at a Jewish person preparing his food, and you would see for yourself that – hmm, maybe they really arent murdering christian children after all.
With privacy, the only thing you have to judge a random person is his appearances, his apparent actions, and your preconceptions. This forces you to use at least a little bit of stereotyping.
With privacy gone, you would be able to see the full spectrum of a person’s behavior, even at times where he might prefer not to be observed. Then this coupled with a rational mind allows you to come to a much more appropriate judgement about that person than you would have gotten if you based your judgement purely on preconceptions and experiences and stereotypes.

We need to stop acting as if everyone is out to get us. Persecution complex is delusional and not healthy.

I’ve lost track how many times people on political web forums have rejected my ideas, reason being “people are assholes, this will be abused”.


3 thoughts on “Privacy necessitates stereotyping

  1. I respect your views. They are logical and thoughtful. I disagree, but I don’t reject your ideas. I’d have to base any objection on pure speculation on my opinion of what other people would do. This admission points out numerous possible avenues of fallacious thinking on my part. All I’ll say is that I don’t believe it would work… people are assholes and this will be abused. LOL!

    • We all base our judgments on our own subjective views that may or may not change over time. I have no integrity, which is why even though I’m an atheist, I still leave my old Christian-ish posts up on this blog, because i am fully aware that however unlikely it may seem now, I might change my mind about my own views any time, perhaps even convert to Islam if I’m presented with a convincing enough argument (eg. an AK to my face).
      Human beings need diversity because we aren’t and can’t possibly be cold logical robots, even though there are robot wannabes such as myself. The human capacity for error is enormous. In a dispute between 2 completely logical beings it is inevitable to reach a single conclusion. Humans however are not completely logical, therefore we have the ability to agree to disagree.

      • The fact that people are so different may be the most logical reason for my doubt. Where one person is 99.999% trustworthy, another may be equally UNtrustworthy. Is it paranoia to prepare against the undesirable and not uncommon actions of others? It seems to me that seeking privacy (hiding one’s vulnerabilities) is a logical goal.

        i can’t think of anything that has all advantages and no disadvantages. What each of us has to do is weigh them against each other and reach our own conclusion about how to act.

        I have changed my mind about many things in my life, only a closed minded person never does. And I would love to be proven wrong about this, but I don’t see it happening. We can always dream, there’s no harm – and often a lot of good – in that.

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