New Album: Pop Shield

Album Cover

Click here for a sample song called “Downhill”.

This will be the second music album I’ve made, and I’ve come a short way from Yan DERP.

I’ve spent countless hours and some effort recording and making and producing and editing and speaking into the microphone and using the computer to make music and writing lyrics.

Contains elements of spoken word, rap, music, surrealism, atheism, comedy, generic blandness and a lack of skill.

Part of this album contains some stuff I made a while back, but I’ve tried my best to make sure that they are updated for a bearable state.

All in all I am actually quite proud of what I have achieved here.

Download the Album for free below, be sure to read the included pdf file 🙂


Track list:
1. Pop Shield
2. 10 Subscribers
3. Something To Scream About
4. The World Is So Beautiful
5. Superstition
6. D Day
7. The Rests
8. Warrior
9. Iron Man
10. Persecution Complex
11. Downhill
12. My Dick
13. Which Do You Wanna Be On
14. Testament to Orbiting Hands
15. The Friendly Song (那個朋友歌)
16. A Diss
17. Do You Do
18. Nothing Against You
19. The Meaning Of Life


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