STOP pumping out babies.
I’m not just pro-choice, in fact I’m ANTI-LIFE and PROUD of it.
The world is overpopulated, new life is irresponsible.
Especially if you are poor.
What kind of selfish jerk would force a child into a life of misery just because they wanted a kid?
The irony is, of course that people intelligent enough to be pro choice are probably the only people who should be reproducing, because they would actually be contributing to society by passing on their good genes and the good choices they make for their kids.
But of course, if you’re intelligent enough to be pro choice then you’re probably also intelligent enough to realize that children are disgusting baggage that you don’t need nor want.
Here’s a suggestion for anyone – any family who wants children: Adopt, fuckface! Not only will you do society some good by cleaning up someone else’s mess, but you’ll also have a more objective outlook on the whole child issue.
See, I was against gay parents because I thought that every child should have both feminine and masculine role models to present them with all aspects of sexuality. But on the other hand, there simply aren’t enough responsible parents and if gay people want to adopt then they should fucking go for it.


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