The Stigma of Manipulation

Thing is, a lot of ‘nice guys’ are not actually nice guys at all. They are deeply sly, manipulative, and deceitful little creeps, forging friendships with the girls they fall for purely in the hopes that they’ll get some scraps from the table.

At least the bad boys are honest about what they want.

-some internet comment I can’t be arsed to source

Hey ladies (and dudes too if you reverse the gender), here’s a simple test to determine if your platonic friend is secretly a manipulative dick trying to fuck you. Ready?

1. Is he gay?


2. Are you ugly?


3. Are you sure you’re not ugly or have aids or poor or some other undesirable trait?

No I’m not ugly dagnabbit!

Congratulations, your nice guy friend wants to fuck you.


But is that such a bad thing?

We humans like to think we’re so high and mighty, that we do what we do out of a higher noble purpose detached from the animal instincts that drive us. We make up “honor” to justify prejudice, we make up “love” to justify sex.

In reality however, all of our actions are ultimately oriented around our animal instincts. In reality, there are few better reasons to form a friendship with a hot girl than the chance that she might have sex with you, however life experience has taught you that opportunities don’t fall from the sky, that only the proactive get the rewards.

Both “Nice guys” and “Bad boys” set out for the same objective, they just use different means to achieve it. It could be argued that although nice guys manipulate girls with friendships and their nice guy services, bad boys also manipulate girls with their charismatic attitude and confident charm, both of which girls may find attractive.

Let’s flip the script around a bit. Say a nice girl was manipulating me into having sex with her by being shy and forging a friendship. If the friendship she gave me was somehow good enough for me to overlook her ugliness, then I would call that a fair trade. If her friendship was inadequate, then I would not have sex with her. If she pressured me and I feel that her friendship isn’t worth the harassment then I would just stop being friends with her.

We don’t have to be false about what “nice guys” are doing. Yes nice guys are “creeps” (ie. likes/wants sex as much as everyone else), but ultimately its the girl’s choice how she handles the situation.

There’s nothing wrong with manipulation and exploitation, as long as everyone is fully aware of it, and I think we all are already aware of it (including the girls who are enjoying the nice guy services), all that’s left is to admit actions for what they are and decide if we want to continue.


One thought on “The Stigma of Manipulation

  1. Here has been my experience: I believe that the best long-term relationships start out as friends, so I first make friends with the woman in hopes it will develop into something. The next thing I know, I’ve been “Friend-zoned.” So girls, don’t blame him for being manipulative – you’re forcing him to do it.

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